Regardless of whether you’re a wide-eyed freshman or super senior enjoying your victory lap, chances are your ears will enjoy a refresh for the upcoming fall semester back at school. Now sure, it’s important to pay attention to your classes: but sometimes you just want to drown everything out. Well, here at Sound Guys, we have you covered, here is our best of best headphones for going back to school.

V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless Headphones

V-MODA understands the headphone to be a tool for people everywhere. Their main focus? Durability. The Crossfade 2 is military tested—ideal for any students who are well acquainted with the habit of carelessly tossing their headphones into their bag before heading off to their next stop. For as much as I love headphones, I’m 100% guilty of this. Candidly speaking, if I’d invested in V-MODA rather than throwing in $9.99 for pharmacy headphones, I probably wouldn’t have the impressive earbud graveyard that I claim now.

The Crossfade 2 sports 50mm dual drivers which facilitate clear separation between lows, mids, and highs. The provided foam cushions memorize the curvature of the wearer’s ears, granting absolute comfort. And—if all else fails—included with the headphones is a 2-year warranty and what they call the “Immortal Life Program.” This means that they’ll replace the Crossfade 2 for half the cost of it fails outside of the 2-year warranty window. If any of this sounds well-suited for you, then the V-MODA Crossfade 2 may just be the headphone that you rock from convocation to graduation.

1MORE Piston Classic In-Ear Headphones

Now if you’re anything like me, you exercise frugality more than actual exercise. That’s where the 1MORE Piston Classic come in. Their product is incredibly appealing for the entry-level headphone market. 1MORE greatly appeals to people who want high fidelity without high cost (e.g. college students). The Piston Classic couldn’t be more affordable if they gave you money to use them. Alright, sure. That was a bit hyperbolic but still. They’re excellent. These earbuds are definitely an underdog with something to prove. The ergonomic 15-degree angle fits nicely into your ear and the bass is emphasized with clear highs. If you’re looking to keep your wallet and ears happy, these may very well be your newest technological companion.

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Grado Prestige Series SR80e Headphones


Open-back headphones are all the rage as we transition from summer to fall. Oh – that’s open-back dresses? Shoot. Well, who’s to say we can’t make the Grado SR80e the new “fetch” for the upcoming fall semester? These cans are excellent for audio enthusiasts as they’re an easy, low-risk foray a new listening experience. For those who are just now learning what “open-back” means in the audio world, it essentially allows for a more natural sound without the echoes or muffled bass notes many closed-back cans have. Grado has been in the game since the U.S.S.R. was formally recognized (1953 for non-history buffs), so they know their stuff. The SR80e is pretty bare bones, but that’s part of its modest charm: it’s a tool, a vehicle to hear your music more accurately and fully than before-just don’t bring them to the library.

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Platronics BackBeats 500 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Who needs to study when the BackBeats 500 ear cups and headband are made of memory foam. It can memorize everything for you and then teach you by osmosis, right? No? Dang. Well, I wish that’s how it worked. Although, that shouldn’t detract from the headphone’s extreme comfort with a battery that supports 18 hours of listening time. Their sound quality is surprisingly good for a sub $80 headphone. The bass is accurate and not over exaggerated while the mids and highs remain clear. The wireless build is always a plus. After all, it frees us millennials from the shackles of a headphone cable and allows us to focus on what’s truly important… studying?

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Jaybird X3 Wireless Sport Headphones

JayBird is a brand that has been near and dear to my heart since the Bluebuds X release back in 2012. However, the third iteration of the X series has certainly raised the bar. They’re great for anyone looking to chase away the infamous “freshman fifteen.” Generally speaking, the X3s found their niche among those of us who like to exercise untethered. With a smart design, they sit nearly flush with the ear and are fitted with angled ear tips for ultimate ergonomic listening. Due to a nano-coating which wicks away moisture—think Under Armour technology for earphones—they’re also sweat-proof. The battery life is an impressive 8 hours, enough to surreptitiously listen to music through all of your classes and extracurriculars. If you’re a student who’s constantly buzzing about, these are undoubtedly worth investigating.

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