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About Us

About Us

SoundGuys is an online publication that is a voice for consumer audio users across the world. SoundGuys is a part of Authority Media which includes Android Authority. Our mission at SoundGuys is clear: to help customers make the right buying decision. We do this using our extensive knowledge of consumer technology and our team is comprised of seasoned technology journalists, device reviewers, and video producers. Watch us on YouTube. Follow us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
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Meet the team

Based in Vancouver, AJ comes from a career in acoustics and sound engineering. He joined SoundGuys in 2020, after spending most of the preceding two decades involved in audio hardware development in the UK, the US, and Canada. He’s also a part time musician, producer, and has experience in filmmaking. When not in the lab or a recording studio, he sometime likes to venture outdoors.

Christian is a seasoned tech expert of over a decade, having served as an imaging, audio, and storage tech specialist for several major outlets including Android Authority, USAToday,, and Based in Vancouver, Canada, Chris was responsible for leading the team and creating tools for its use—but has since moved on.

Chris covered everything from features to reviews, and currently handles our data and research efforts. He built and maintained SoundGuys’ backend database of all headphones SoundGuys have tested.

Harley is an independent filmmaker currently studying at the University of British Columbia. Over the years he’s gained experience as a location sound mixer, freelance film composer, video editor and camera assistant. When he’s not dabbling in film, you can find him browsing through Omnisphere presets, baking a cake, or hittin’ the gym.

Adam oversees and updates all of our Best Lists. Formerly a writer for Android Authority, he’s now the gatekeeper for product approval and acquisition at SoundGuys. Armed with a BA in Cognitive Science, Adam goes beyond surface-level reviews to dissect the science of sound. He’s an advocate for hearing health, especially when it comes to young ears, and a proponent for the psychological uplift music can offer. When it comes to earbuds, he’s all in for the Galaxy Buds Pro in tandem with his Samsung phone, although the Nothing ear (2) are a close second. But for headphones, nothing beats the immersive experience offered by the Sony WH-1000XM5.

As a musician, producer, and DJ, Chase has been immersed in the world of audio his entire life. He studied Commerce and Applied Music Technology at the University of British Columbia. Having tested and reviewed hundreds of audio products for SoundGuys, Chase always has his pulse on what’s next in the world of audio.

Dave is a lifelong musician with over 20 years of experience performing, recording and touring. When he’s not bringing his real world, hands on audio experience to SoundGuys, you’ll find him rehearsing with his progressive metal outfit ‘Neck of the Woods’, quoting endless 90’s movie lines and biking around Vancouver’s seawall.

Tina has nearly 15 years experience in online publishing, and tech has been her beat from the start. At SoundGuys, Tina covers auditory health and sustainability. Wearing headphones helps her focus, especially with the sound turned off.

Jasper Lastoria is a reviewer at SoundGuys, and a musician for the past 25 years. To the world of audio Jasper brings his wry sense of humor and humanizing real-world use perspective in concert with data. His jack-of-all-trades experience includes audio production, live music, podcasts, a storied academic background in liberal studies, librarianship and archiving, and a stint in video and performance art.