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Harley Maranan

Harley is an independent filmmaker currently studying at the University of British Columbia. Over the years he's gained experience as a location sound mixer, freelance film composer, video editor and camera assistant. When he's not dabbling in film, you can find him browsing through Omnisphere presets, baking a cake, or hittin' the gym.

Harley's Posts

How to fix problems with the Sony WF-1000XM3

Even the best earbuds aren't perfect. Here's everything you need to know about your Sony WF-1000XM3.
by Harley Maranan4 days ago

Best cheap studio monitors

Raise the roof without breaking the bank.
by Harley Maranan4 days ago
by Harley MarananDecember 13, 2021

How to choose a digital audio workstation (DAW)

Your music production journey starts here.
by Harley MarananDecember 1, 2021
by Harley MarananNovember 29, 2021

Apple Music vs Spotify

The battle between the two music streaming giants.
by Harley MarananNovember 17, 2021

Apple AirPods Max vs. Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Is the classic still a king, or has it been overthrown?
by Harley MarananOctober 7, 2021

Best voice recording apps

Record people, samples, or other sounds—all from your smartphone.
by Harley MarananSeptember 30, 2021

How to replace AirPods

Whether you broke your AirPods or lost it, replacing them and connecting the replacement is simple and easy.

4 weeks ago

Logitech G435 Lightspeed review

Logitech may not be pitching it this way, but the Logitech G435 Lightspeed could be a decent gaming headset for kids out there.

3 weeks ago

Sennheiser MKE 400 Mobile Kit review

A videographer's dream on-camera microphone.
by Harley MarananSeptember 24, 2021

Sennheiser MKE 200 Mobile Kit review

Add some production value to your smartphone video with this mobile kit.
by Harley MarananSeptember 14, 2021
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