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Apple AirPods Pro vs Apple AirPods

Alright, AirPods, leave it to the Pro.
by Lily Katz1 day ago

How to record outside

The mountains are calling.
by Adam Molina1 day ago

Spotify vs Pandora

What's in the box?
by Sara Carbone1 day ago
Bluetooth Headphones

Shure AONIC 50 vs Sony WH-1000XM3

Which headset is the best of the best?
by Lily Katz4 days ago
Bluetooth Headphones

5 reasons you should buy Bluetooth headphones

If you've never owned a pair of wireless headphones before, here are five reasons you really should.
by Kris Carlon4 days ago2

Razer Kraken Ultimate review

The Razer Kraken Ultimate doesn't bring a lot more than the regular Kraken, but at least it lights up now.
by Sam Moore5 days ago

How to use Bluetooth

The answer to all of your Bluetooth pairing issues, no matter what operating system you use.
by Lily Katz5 days ago

5 Reasons not to buy Bluetooth headphones

Should you go Bluetooth? Here are 5 reasons not to.
by Christian Thomas5 days ago

YouTube Music vs Spotify

Which one is right for you?

2 weeks ago

Free Spotify vs Spotify Premium

A feature-loaded streaming service, regardless of which version you choose.

2 weeks ago
by Lily Katz6 days ago

The important difference between audio and file compression

Everything you need to know about audio compression and what it means for your music and streaming quality.
by Robert Triggs6 days ago
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