How listening to music improves your workout

Your favorite song may not make you go from couch to 5K, but it can improve your mood during workouts.
by Lily Katz7 days ago

The future of Bluetooth audio: Major changes coming later this year

Higher quality music, lower latency, and multi-channel speakers are the likely features of a next-gen Bluetooth audio architecture.
by Robert Triggs2 weeks ago

What is MPEG-H?

Everything you need to know about this 3D audio standard
by Robert Triggs4 weeks ago

Do you need an amp?

The answer is almost assuredly: "no." However, it's useful to know when you'd need an amp in the first place—we're here to clear things up.
by Christian Thomas4 weeks ago

How to setup at-home surround sound audio

We walk you through all you need to know for an immersive, at-home theater experience.
by Lily Katz4 weeks ago

Best audiophile cables—facts and fictions explained

You've just bought a swanky new pair of headphones or speakers, but how to make the most of them? Would an expensive cable help?
by Robert TriggsJune 14, 2019

Cable myths: reviving the coathanger test

Updated 6/13: polling results added
by Christian ThomasJune 13, 2019
by Adam MolinaJune 10, 2019

Where do sounds live?

We talk about bass, mids, and treble all the time, but what do any of those phrases actually mean?
by Lily KatzJune 7, 2019
Bluetooth Headphones

Understanding Bluetooth codecs

Take crash-course in Wireless Audio 101.
by Lily KatzJune 6, 20194
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