by Adam Molina5 hours ago

Cable myths: reviving the coathanger test

Reviving a classic to save you money
by Christian Thomas2 days ago

Where do sounds live?

We talk about bass, mids, and treble all the time, but what do any of those phrases actually mean?
by Lily Katz3 days ago
Bluetooth Headphones

Understanding Bluetooth codecs

Take crash-course in Wireless Audio 101.
by Lily Katz4 days ago4

The ultimate guide to audio connections

Get to know all the ways to connect with your music
by Adam Molina6 days ago
by Adam Molina1 week ago
Bluetooth Headphones

Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro review: throw away your AirPods

The Powerbeats Pro are now the true wireless earbuds to... Beat
by Christian Thomas2 weeks ago
by Adam Molina3 weeks ago

Why conference calls sound bad

Few things induce headaches faster than the mandatory conference call.
by Lily Katz4 weeks ago

Was ditching the headphone jack a good idea?

Much like Boston basketball legend Bill Russell, it's time for Chris Thomas to throw an elbow.
by Christian ThomasMay 7, 20199
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