We already took a look at the best headphones, and the best Bluetooth speakers, now we’re taking a look at what in my opinion is the hardest group of products to judge: Bluetooth earbuds. Not only are there so many out there to choose from, but there are so many bad ones. Pair that with the physical differences in the human ear when it comes to fit and the ever-present sound preference that lovers of audio love to argue about, and you’ve got what essentially comes to down mainly to preference. That said, there are some that stand out from the rest and we rounded them up for you. These are our picks for the best Bluetooth earbuds of 2017 so far.

Jaybird X3

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The Jaybird X2s were a decisive win for the company, but they were expensive. Then there were the Freedoms. Some people loved it, some didn’t. Either way, they were also expensive. Now the company is back on track with the Jaybird X3s which have received nothing but positive reviews and are priced competitively at around $129. One problem I really had with the Jaybird Freedoms was the fit. That isn’t the case with the X3s. They come with three different pairs of wing tips and six pairs of ear tips that made it easy to find the perfect combination.

The X3s have a slimmer profile than the X2s which also makes them easier to wear. Like the X2s before them, these have an 8 hour battery life and now come with a charging cradle for when they die. This makes the control module just a little bit smaller overall. These are a much more refined paired of in-ears good for any situation.


We previously had the Beats Powerbeats3 as the most comfortable, but the new BeatsX showed up and took its crown. These Bluetooth headphones were designed with all-day use in mind, so everything about it keeps them nice and comfortable. They feature a flexible neckband made of a rubbery plastic that sits comfortably around your neck. Unlike other brands that use a stiff neckband, this flexible one means you can tuck it neatly under your shirt collar for a discrete pair of ‘buds you can forget about until you want to listen to music. They only have an 8 hour battery life, but on the bright side they do come with quick charging capabilities. So a quick five minute charge will get you around two hours of playback.

On top of that they have a solid range thanks to Class 1 Bluetooth and Apple’s new W1 chip, and a surprisingly decent sound. Sure, they’re bass-heavy as you’d expect with any Beats product, but they’re more smooth sounding than some of the other products in their line-up. If you want a pair of ‘buds you can wear comfortably throughout the day, the BeatsX are a solid choice.

CB3 Fit Sport

If you just aren’t looking to spend that much but still want to take part in Bluetooth goodness, check out the CB3 Fit Sport. These only cost $39 but have almost all the same features. Sweatproof? Check. These have an IPX4 certification so getting caught in the rain shouldn’t be an issue. Good battery life? Check.

These will give you about 7 hours of constant playback, one hour less than the X3s but they’re also a third of the price. they do tend to have a more narrow sound than the X3s but the quality itself is fine. The Fit Sport don’t have a control module on the cable, but they do have some plastic playback controls built into the earbud. Easily control your volume or skip between tracks without reaching for your source device.

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ADV.Sound Model 3

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ADV.Sound is a fairly new company that specializes in bang for your buck. We’ve always enjoyed their products, but they’ve really outdone themselves with the Model 3 in-ears. Not just because of how good they sound (and they do sound good), but because they only cost $79. Now this pick is kind of cheating, but in a good way.

These aren’t entirely wireless. The housing can be popped off thanks to MMCX connectors and reattached to an included cable if you prefer to use them that way every now and then. When using them wirelessly, the ‘buds connect to a cable that snaps in place around your neck. On that cable is a control module that has the Bluetooth components, battery, and playback controls. It’s fairly small and unobtrusive, but because of that you’ll only get about 5 hours of playback time. Still, that doesn’t seem to stop people from loving these, probably because of the sound quality. They’re actually one of those few products that users on our site thought deserved a batter overall score than the one we gave them in the full review. These are one of the best sounding Bluetooth earbuds we’ve tested and everyone should definitely give them a try.


The Soundpeats QY7 might not be a huge name brand product, but they’ve got a huge name brand kind of following. At under $25, the previous QY7 model was reviewed by over 14,000 people on Amazon and have come away with a 4 out of 5 star score. Now the QY8’s are here and they’ve only been improved. The QY7’s have been impressing people in terms of connection, fit, and sound. Basically every category that matters and that continues with the QY8s.7 These found a home mainly among runners, but those same features are what makes these a great all-around choice. That said, they are sweatproof so don’t be shy about taking these to the gym either. Still, the most important feature of these headphones is how much you’re going to pay for them. Battery life is only about 5 hours which is down an hour from the QY7’s, but again – $25. That gets you aptX for better quality streaming and an IPX4 certification. If you want a decent pair of inexpensive headphones that you can take with you on your commute and then to the gym after work, these might be for you.


Did your picks make it to our list, or did we leave them out? What do you think are the best Bluetooth earbuds?

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