We looked at some of the top categories in audio at the end of 2016, including this one. As promised, we’re constantly updating the list to reflect the most up-to-date information so if you’re looking for the best earbuds of 2017, you’re in luck.

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For the sake of simplicity we’re calling everything that doesn’t go over your head earbuds. Most major companies don’t differentiate between the two so neither will we. We’ve made five different categories that we hope will cover most of your needs, with a “best” and “bang for your buck” pick for each, Whether you’re looking to purchase your first pair of earbuds other than the ones that came in the box or you’re looking for a pair to supplement your over-ears, we’ve compiled this list for you.

1MORE Triple-Drivers

Okay so we have one more pair of headphones to talk about. The 1MORE Triple Driver in-ears. You can usually find these for under $100 which isn’t cheap, but they’re definitely worth it. Sure, there’s a newer quad-driver version out, but they also cost more than double the price of these. If you want bang for your buck sound the previous triple-driver version is the way to go. As the name implies, these have three drivers packed into the tiny housing: two balanced armatures and a third dynamic driver. As is the case with wired headphones, there are iOS and Android versions so make sure to snag the one you’re looking for. They’re also Hi-Res certified and have a 3-button mic and remote on the cable for controlling playback and answering calls. There haven’t been too many (if any) negative reviews on these so if you’re looking for good sound check these out.

V-MODA Forza

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Whether you want headphones for your commute to work or for the gym afterwards, the V-MODA Forza headphones have you covered. They’re sweat proof so you don’t have to worry about water damage, but they also sound pretty impressive for only costing about $100. One thing that’s really cool about these headphones is just how versatile they are. They come with a number of attachments so that you can add wingtips for when you’re working out at the gym, plain ‘ol ear tips for the average commute, and even over-ear hooks if you prefer to wear them that way for either occasion. They do have a 3-button mic and remote which does depend on your source device, so make sure you pick the right one at checkout. And if you ever get bored with how they look, you can get 3D printed caps to change it up a bit.

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Jaybird X3

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If you saw our video for best Bluetooth earbuds of 2016, it should be no surprise that we’re picking the X3s here. Just like the X2s they’re not the most amazing pair of Bluetooth headphones in any one aspect, but they’re really good at basically everything. They have a strong connection so you won’t have dropped signals, a good mic for phone calls, sweat and water resistance, good sound quality, an 8 hour battery life, and a price tag of only $129. Now I say “only” because that’s still not exactly cheap, but considering how much the previous models were this is a step in the right direction for Jaybird and if any of those employees are reading, keep it up!

CB3 Fit

Wireless headphones have gotten really good just in this past year alone, but that still doesn’t mean that you have to pay top dollar for something that’ll get the job done. If your limit is about $40 – $50, check out the CB3 Fit Sport headphones. These have an over-ear hook design that keep them firmly in place whether you’re out for a run or walking around the house. They have a battery life of about 7 hours and IPX4 protection against water and sweat. Playback controls built into the housing also means there’s no annoying control module on the string to pull them down. You can skip between tracks, control music, and answer/end phone calls with just a few clicks of the buttons. Overall, not a bad way to spend a few bucks if you want a pair of inexpensive Bluetooth ‘buds.


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Panasonic Ergo Fit

It doesn’t look like the Panasonic Ergo Fit headphones are going to be leaving this list anytime soon. If you’re looking for the cheapest most inexpensive headphones you can get that isnt garbage, there’s really no other option. These can be found for under $10 and though they might not sound as good as pair of $100 headphones, they’re loads better than anything you’ll find in the price range. I’d even take these over most of the headphones that come with your average smartphone. There’s nothing really spectacular about the Ergo Fits (they don’t even have a mic or remote), but you can get 10 pairs of these and be stocked up for life on solid headphones for the price of 1 pair of high-end ‘buds. The choice is yours.

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We’ve said this in other lists, but here it’s truer than ever: everyone’s ears are different, and sometimes it can be tough to get a good fit. Two of the items on this list can’t be used with custom ear tips, but it’s definitely worth looking for custom tips if you can use them with your earbuds. Remember: better fit = better sound.

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