Finding a good pair of wireless earphones is like picking out your favorite scotch. Do you prefer single malt or single grain? Well, the RHA MA750 Wireless is like a blended malt scotch: it’s a rare middle ground that performs incredibly well for the price. Let’s see how the headset holds up in 2020.

Editor’s note: this RHA MA750 Wireless review was updated on July 9, 2020, to address the RHA TrueConnect 2 release and answer a question about the RHA T20 Wireless in the FAQ section.

Who should get the RHA MA750 Wireless?

RHA MA 750 Wireless Bluetoth earphones earbuds hi-fi aptX AAC portable sound quality IPX4 certification sweat resistant durable

RHA includes a stainless steel plate to hold silicone tradition, flanged, and memory foam ear tips.

  • The high quality build materials and more neutral sound characteristics of the RHA MA750 Wireless appeal to those looking for a high-end portable sound with appearances to match.
  • The RHA MA750 Wireless are also ideal for frequent commuters or travelers.

Using the RHA MA750 Wireless

RHA MA 750 Wireless Bluetoth earphones earbuds hi-fi aptX AAC portable sound quality IPX4 certification sweat resistant durable

The included 3-year warranty makes these a long term investment.

In typical RHA fashion, the MA750 Wireless are constructed from 303F stainless steel—a big plus for durability. The earphones are also IPX4 certified, meaning that they can take a sweat bath and come out no worse for wear. Like the wired iteration, an oxygen-free copper cable is encased in a tangle-preventative coating.

Each circular housing is magnetized, enabling users to connect the earbuds when inactive. While this is a good idea, the ear hooks make connecting them awkward at best. On a positive note, the design mitigates microphonics (the traveling of sound from the cable to the ears).

RHA includes memory foam ear tips with its affordable wireless headset.

Moving up, the mic and remote module is constructed from the same stainless steel as the chassis. Though the buttons are mushy, depressing the center button for a few seconds grants access to Siri or Google Assistant. Microphone quality is quite good: my voice came through clearly and only some background noise was relayed.

The RHA MA750 Wireless are a direct transplant of its wired MA750 predecessor. A stainless steel plate with precise cutouts contains a plethora of spare ear tips, two pairs of which are Comply memory foam. Aside from that, RHA provides users with a strong yet pliable synthetic, zippered carrying case

Connection strength and Bluetooth codec support

RHA MA 750 Wireless Bluetoth earphones earbuds hi-fi aptX AAC portable sound quality IPX4 certification sweat resistant durable

The in-line mic and remote is on the right side of the RHA MA750 Wireless earphones. Though the mic quality is great, the buttons are mushy and hard to differentiate.

Maintaining a connection is a given, despite the outdated Bluetooth 4.1 firmware: the MA750 Wireless never stutter or randomly disconnect. Even going up a flight of 20 stairs and over 50 feet from my phone, the earphones relayed sound without interruption. The earbuds support two high quality Bluetooth codecs: aptX and AAC, the RHA MA750 Wireless stream video well, so feel free to watch all the Bojack Horseman you want without uncomfortable lag times.

On the left side of the neckband is a NFC logo that indicates quick device pairing; the right side contains a USB C charging port, a white LED indicator, and a power button. The earbuds don’t support Bluetooth multipoint, so if you want to switch between devices, you must do so manually.

Battery life is average

RHA MA 750 Wireless Bluetoth earphones earbuds hi-fi aptX AAC portable sound quality IPX4 certification sweat resistant durable

The MA750 Wireless charges via USB C.

At 33-50% volume I was able to consistently hit a timed 11 hours of playback time (1 hour less than the listed 12 hours). That said, if you pump up the volume, you may fall closer to 10 hours of listening time. Yes, the inconsistency is suspect, but 10+ hours is more than enough to meet average listener demands. If you experience battery issues within three years of purchase, you may contact RHA’s customer service and inquire about repairs or a replacement.

How do the earbuds sound?

RHA MA 750 Wireless Bluetoth earphones earbuds hi-fi aptX AAC portable sound quality IPX4 certification sweat resistant durable

RHA’s website provides a frequency response graph of the MA750 Wireless. Young adults typically hear sounds ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz. This shrinks as we age.

Though other reviewers have noted that the RHA MA750 Wireless lack bass, this is a relative frequency response observation. Bass response isn’t emphatically emphasized, so compared to typical consumer headsets it seems attenuated. Bass notes are present but may be hard to hear echoic resonances from kickdrums if other instruments are played simultaneously. This is a form of auditory masking whereby loud noises make it hard to perceive relatively quiet ones.

Isolation performance is very good, so long as you use the proper ear tips. Initially, I used the standard silicone tips and heard a lot of background noise. After some trial and error, I ran with the Comply memory foam tips and immediately noticed an improvement in sound quality. Bass was much more present as it didn’t succumb to external auditory masking.

Lows, mids, and highs

Bass is responsive and is only masked by the mids in extreme instances. In Buttercup by Hippo Campus, the bridge is carried by a bass solo and eventual drum beat. Though lows aren’t an exciting aspect of the sound signature, it’s important to do correctly, as it has some pretty significant consequences for the rest of your music. (If a proper fit isn’t achieved though, the bass degrades quickly. When using the ear tips that were too small, the low end seemed nonexistent.)

As you may expect, the MA750 Wireless really shine with their reproduction of mids and highs. Painting Roses (Acoustic) by Dresses showcases the sound engineering. Introductory picking sets the tone of the song and the MA750 Wireless relay each note clearly, a result of the midrange and treble emphasis.

Timothy Heller and Jared Maldonado’s harmonies resonate beautifully, and that harmonic detail isn’t forgone with these buds. Quite the contrary, the varied timbres are remain distinct; though, Maldonado’s resonances are occasionally difficult to perceive during busier moments of the song.

In order to really put the RHA MA750 Wireless through the ringer, listen to The Watcher as performed by Chris Thile and Brad Mehldau. Thile knows how to make the mandolin cool (and how to compose songs that test treble). RHA, yet again, receives high marks regarding the highs. Nimble strumming and picking is accurately replicated.

RHA clearly focused on the lively reproduction of the mids and highs. Though, it’s not a complete neutral facsimile as highs become grating after a while. For instance, Franki Valli’s famous falsetto is a bit overwhelming in Sherry. Then again, that could just be the nature of Valli’s vocals; best in controlled doses.

Should you buy the RHA MA750 Wireless?

RHA MA 750 Wireless Bluetoth earphones earbuds hi-fi aptX AAC portable sound quality IPX4 certification sweat resistant durable

The flexible neckband is easy to forget about but is hard to exercise with.

Yes, the RHA MA750 Wireless are still worth getting and has seen a hefty price drop, marking it below the $100 price point. Whether you’re transient or settled, RHA has constructed a pair of earphones that will fit your ears and  your lifestyle. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that Glenlivet made a wireless headset, the RHA MA750 Wireless is the pick of your aficionado dreams.

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True wireless fans, get the RHA TrueConnect 2

A picture of the RHA TrueConnect 2 case being held in a woman's hand as the other hand removes the far earbud.

Battery life totals to nearly 40 hours with the charging case.

The RHA TrueConnect 2 is a gorgeous totally wireless headset with premium features. These buds use Bluetooth 5.0 firmware and stayed connected whether I was listening from my apartment, or as walked around my neighborhood. Unfortunately, you forgo aptX support when making the switch from RHA’s wireless neckband headsets to the RHA TrueConnect series, but the sacrifice in sound quality affords convenience.

RHA TrueConnect 2 microphone demo:

The TrueConnect 2 earbuds are more durable than the MA750 Wireless, as the former merited an IP55 dust and water-resistance rating. Isolation and sound quality are both stellar, making these buds a great pick for listeners with eclectic musical tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between this and the RHA T20 Wireless?

The RHA T20 Wireless is the company's flagship wireless neckband headset, and it shows with the provisions. When you buy the T20 Wireless you're afforded an interchangeable filter system, which really works to affect bass and treble response. The T20 Wireless may also be used as a wired headset, thanks to the MMCX audio connections, so you can enjoy high-resolution audio quality so long as your smartphone has a headphone jack. A drawback to the T20 Wireless compared to the RHA MA750 Wireless: size and weight. The former is much bulkier and some may find too big for their outer ear to be comfortable during long periods of listening.

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