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Angled downward image of the A picture of the RHA TrueConnect open charging case with the earbuds facing the lens in different directions; the closer 'bud shows the RHA logo.

RHA TrueConnect review

These handsome earbuds have now reduced significantly in price, making them a solid deal.

Published onMarch 16, 2021

RHA TrueConnect
The bottom line
The RHA TrueConnect may be a bit old, but they aren't outdated. These IPX5 earbuds operate via Bluetooth 5.0 and feature a remarkably comfortable fit. The earbuds look as great today as they did in 2018, have great passive isolation, and are an excellent choice for the bargain shopper.

RHA TrueConnect

The RHA TrueConnect may be a bit old, but they aren't outdated. These IPX5 earbuds operate via Bluetooth 5.0 and feature a remarkably comfortable fit. The earbuds look as great today as they did in 2018, have great passive isolation, and are an excellent choice for the bargain shopper.
Product release date
$59 USD
74 x 45 x 28mm (case)
7g (earbud)
78g (case)
Model Number
What we like
Effective isolation<br>
Secure fit<br>
Stable connectivity (Bluetooth 5)<br>
Comprehensive onboard controls<br>
Fast charge and USB-C<br>
What we don't like
SBC only, no aptX or AAC<br>
Very bass-heavy frequency response
SoundGuys Rating
User Rating
Rating Metric
Our Rating
User Rating
Isolation / Attenuation
Durability / Build Quality
Battery Life

Walk onto any subway platform and, aside from littered cement floors, you’ll see an egregious number of true wireless earbuds. When released, the RHA TrueConnect wasn’t shy about taking direct aim at Apple’s true wireless interpretation with competitive pricing and a similar, more mature design. RHA’s earbuds had dedicated nozzles far before Apple included them; let’s find out if the TrueConnect can still hold their own against the flurry of alternatives.

Editor’s note: this RHA TrueConnect review was updated on March 16, 2021, to include a contents menu and add context to the sound quality section.

Who is the RHA TrueConnect for?

RHA TrueConnect open charging case with the earbuds facing the lens in different directions; the closer 'bud shows the RHA logo.
The RHA TrueConnect originally retailed for $169.95, but are now down to $85.
  • Commuters will appreciate how well these earphones isolate them from their environments. That said, the design works extremely well to attenuate outside noise, so be sure to remain vigilant of your surroundings.
  • General consumers, this headset could be the start to and end of your true wireless search. The IPX5 rating means these buds are durable, while the sharp-looking design makes them versatile in any situation.
  • Athletes will benefit from the sweat-resistance and great fit well—both of which are imperative feature for workout earbuds.

What’s it like to use the RHA TrueConnect?

RHA TrueConnect true wireless earbuds included ear tips which include Comply memory foam and silicone varieties.
Included with the TrueConnect is an assortment of ear tips and a stainless steel carrier.

RHA has repeatedly manufactured sophisticated products, from the cheap MA390 to the pricier MA750 Wireless and RHA T20 Wireless. No matter the model, the company knows how to make it look refined and the TrueConnect is no different.

Although the earbuds sport an all-plastic construction, the matte finish promotes a premium feel. Take note audio companies: this is how you make a plastic earbud. The stem design still looks weird, but it aids in the removal of the earbuds.

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The RHA TrueConnect design echoes that of the Apple AirPods Pro with angled nozzles. The assortment of ear tips works in tandem with this ergonomic build to create a strong seal and improve isolationThe earbud housings are much clunkier than the AirPods, but things remain comfortable even during long stretches of listening. It would, however, have been nice if the earbuds lay flush with the ear, but RHA still managed to cram plenty of components into a fairly compact space.

Included with the TrueConnect is a charging case that sports a modest, yet sleek design. To access the earbuds, listeners rotate the main compartment upwards. This is among the most handsome true wireless charging case, and inlaid on the front of it are three LEDs which indicate remaining battery levels.

The TrueConnect could be your next workout earbuds

RHA TrueConnect true wireless earbuds (left) being worn by a woman, it protrudes a bit from the ear with the stem angled downward.
The earbuds do protrude more than the AirPods.

Despite the lack of wing tips, the IPX5-certified RHA TrueConnect earbuds are a great option for exercising. The comprehensive onboard controls which, yes, include volume adjustments, are easy to use so you never have to remove your phone from your pocket mid-workout again. What’s more, their isolation abilities successfully insulated me from neighbors’ grunts and treadmill stomps. There is a bit of wind noise when taking these outside but it’s by no means deafening.

The earbuds maintain a stable fit and reliable connectivity, making them great for daily use.

Microphone quality is good as background noise is slightly attenuated, but the integrated microphone isn’t anything fancy like the Bose SoundLink On-Ear’s dual-mic setup or the Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC technology. It does, however, work well for daily use and could even slide for brief professional calls.

How long does the TrueConnect battery last?

Our objective testing—whereby we subject the earbuds to a steady 75dB output—yielded 4.38 hours of playback time, slightly less than RHA’s posited 5-hour readout. While this is handily bested by the Jabra Elite Active 75t and even cheaper total wireless models, it’s still enough to get through a handful of commutes or trips to the gymThe USB-C charging case provides an additional four hour charge and supports fast charging. If the earbuds’ batteries are low, 15 minutes in the case provides a 50-percent charge.

Do the RHA TrueConnect stay connected?

RHA TrueConnect true wireless earbuds LEDs on the charging case.
The charging case features three LEDs to indicate remaining battery levels.

Maybe it’s the Bluetooth 5.0 support or the stem design that’s purportedly conducive to stable connectivity, regardless the TrueConnect earbuds maintain a reliable connection with ease. That is, so long as you remain within the 10-meter Bluetooth range. Where the earbuds struggle is outdoors, but they fair well at the gym, in coffee shops, and in my apartment. Unfortunately, the TrueConnect don’t support AAC, LDAC, or aptX, but SBC has markedly improved since its inception. Plus, at the end of the day, many of our ears are too old to notice the difference between high-quality codecs anyway.

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How do the RHA TrueConnect sound?

These sound great for consumer earbuds. There’s nothing neutral about the frequency response, but that’s fine. RHA’s TrueConnect buds are fun to listen to despite the seemingly aggressive bass response, it isn’t overwhelming or painful to listen to. If you prefer classical and vocal-centric music, the RHA TrueConnect may not be for you because bass notes easily mask midrange and treble notes. This can make it sound like something is “missing” from your music.

A chart shows the isolation performance of the RHA TrueConnect.
Passive isolation is excellent with these earbuds, which can easily handle background chatter and the hum of an A/C unit.

The passive isolation on these earbuds is very good and will reduce low frequency sounds by a significant amount. Isolation and bass response further improve after swapping out the pre-installed silicone ear tips for the Comply memory foam ones. Since the latter essentially mold to the ear canal, it creates a tailored fit and the dense material works to shoo external noise away. It’s worth taking a few moments to experiment with the provided ear tips: a proper fit is critical for optimal audio reproduction.

Lows, mids, highs

Contrary to the modest, mature look of the TrueConnect, the bass response is ridiculous. In Simon Jefferis’ song Foxtrot, the bassline masks most other musical detail. That said, it does make the song even more fun to listen to because of the bass bump. I wouldn’t recommend these for any kind of audio mixing, but to the general consumer, these will sound fine.

Treble reproduction is another weak link of the TrueConnect’s sound profile. In Dave Matthews Band’s song Lie in Our Graves, there’s part of a solo can be heard at 2:34. The hi-hats resonances are too loud, like someone really wants you to appreciate the cymbal detail. Overall, the sound is still fun, but songs with excess cymbal hits may be difficult to bear.

RHA TrueConnect vs RHA TrueConnect 2: what’s the difference?

RHA TrueConnect 2 true wireless earbuds on a dirty surface with dirt on the earbuds.
The TrueConnect 2 earbuds’ IP55 rating makes them resistant to dirt and debris.

Contrary to what some consumers expected, the RHA TrueConnect 2 earbuds don’t feature noise canceling. The main differences between the two TrueConnect earphones come down to durability, battery life, and sound quality. The RHA TrueConnect 2 buds are IP55-rated, meaning they can resist both dust and water—unlike the standard TrueConnect. What’s more battery life has greatly improved with the new model, nearly doubling that of the first generation. Ultimately, both headsets are a great option for listeners who prioritize aesthetic design, isolation, and bass response above all else.

Should you buy the RHA TrueConnect?

RHA TrueConnect true wireless earbuds in the open charging case which rests on a black table. A candle sits in the bottom left corner of the image.
The RHA TrueConnect includes a three-year warranty.

Yes, the RHA TrueConnect is still a great pair of earbuds and are exceptional given the sub-$100 price. This is an package for listeners who appreciate fine design and don’t want to deal with poor connectivity. Additionally, the fact that these buds are comfortable for multi-hour listening sessions is a delight, especially since the larger alternatives tend to pain the ear after an hour.

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How does the RHA TrueConnect compare to other true wireless earbuds?

The Apple AirPods Pro support AAC, integrate Apple’s H1 chip for snappy connection quality, and boast effective noise canceling which is outperformed only by the Sony WF-1000XM3. Not only that, but the AirPods Pro retain the stemmed design and an official water-resistance rating (IPX4). They are notably more expensive than the RHA TrueConnect, but your dollar goes a lot further with Apple’s earbuds. If you’re an iPhone user, it’s easy to justify Apple’s earbuds in order to stay within the company ecosystem.

An aerial picture of the Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 true wireless earbuds being worn by a woman as she uses HearID to create a custom sound preset in the SoundCore mobile application on a Samsung Galaxy S10e.
You can use the SoundCore app to take a HearID test, which creates a custom sound profile that accounts for your hearing abilities and deficiencies.

The RHA TrueConnect price is much reduced, making these buds a great alternative to the Apple AirPods Pro. They have aged well with regards to aesthetics: the matte charcoal look is unlikely to go out of style anytime soon, but the lack of aptX and AAC support is a huge strike against the earbuds because even the cheapest alternatives provide support for one or both Bluetooth codecs.

Another alternative of the RHA TrueConnect is the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 true wireless earbuds. These also have a stem-like appearance but unlike the RHA TrueConnect, they support AAC and aptX for high-quality, reliable streaming on iOS and Android devices alike. Battery life is comparable but the Liberty Air 2 are a tad more expensive than RHA’s earbuds.

Frequently asked questions about the RHA TrueConnect

No, the RHA TrueConnect does not have noise canceling. It does, however, boast excellent isolation properties and effectively block out background noise.

The Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 is the same price as the RHA TrueConnect, and includes a better microphone system and the ability to choose from a wide array of EQ presets or create your own. The design, while improved over the first-generation Liberty Air, isn’t nearly as slick as the TrueConnect, but you’re afforded other benefits like aptX and AAC support. Listeners who are willing to forgo premium build quality for functionality will be thrilled with the Liberty Air 2.

The TrueConnect is designed in Scotland and made in China.

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