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RHA earbuds will now come with Comply memory foam tips

RHA in-ears will now ship with two pairs of Comply memory foam ear tips thanks to a new partnership between the two companies.

Published onApril 24, 2016

RHA x Complynews

When it comes to in-ears, it’s all about getting a good fit. The right ear tips are essential to a good listening experience. They’re not only important in terms of comfort (allowing for longer listening sessions), but they’re also key when it comes to sound isolation. One of the more well respected ear tips around are from Comply, and now you’ll get two pairs with your next pair of RHA in-ears.

They’re made of a special memory foam and the company has a few different versions that specialize in different aspects of sound. RHA has announced that they have just partnered with Comply and many of their flagship earbuds will now come with two pairs of Comply memory foam ear tips.

Among the ‘buds to get the special treatment are the MA750 and MA750i in-ears, as well as the T10, T10i, T20, T20i, and T20i black in-ears. In the official statement Lewis Heath who is the RHA product director said, “Comply™ ear tips perfectly complements our High-Res Audio products and offering them together will lead to even better listening experiences.” Comply tips are already offered with other major brands like Jaybird (who was recently acquired by Logitech), Beats, and Shure, so seeing RHA join the club is good news for consumers.

If you’ve been thinking of picking up a pair of RHA ‘buds for yourself, it seems like now is a good time to do so. Besides the two new pairs of comply memory foam tips, you’ll also get 6 standard pairs of silicon tips as well as the three swappable EQ filters that RHA is famous for. One that enhances the bass, one for treble, and one that has a flat sound for reference.

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