Music is without a doubt a key factor when it comes to staying motivated while exercising. In the same way that people listen to different kinds of music to stay motivated, not everyone likes to use the same kinds of headphones while working out. Some prefer wireless ‘buds and some wired, some prefer in-ears and some with ear clips.

Still, whichever category you fall under most people wouldn’t deny that a workout just isn’t the same without headphones. That is why we decided to make this list for the best workout earbuds you can get.

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Jaybird X3

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Jaybird has gone through a few versions of their product, and the X3’s are probably the best yet. They’re slimmer than the previous version and still do a good job at staying in your ears thanks to the multiple ear and wing tip combinations. The control module on the cable also has a new sleeker design and still gives you all of the same functionality. Unfortunately battery life wasn’t improved in this version, but you’ll still get a solid 8 hours of constant playback which isn’t bad at all. What makes these a great all-around pair of ‘buds is that you can change the EQ settings via an accompanying app to get whatever sound you prefer. That sound profile is then saved to the headphones so you’ll have that same sound regardless of which device you’re connected to. Throw in a sweat resistant build for good measure and these are a solid all-around pair of ‘buds.

Bose Soundsport Wireless

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If you don’t want your headphones to fall out, you should be looking at the Bose Soundsport Wireless. The Stay Hear+ tips have mixed reviews from people but if they do fit your ears, they’re basically perfect. No amount of shaking will get them to fall out. Both ‘buds are connected by a wire that has a control module on it for voice calls and playback controls. Battery life is only about six hours which is definitely sub-par for the price, but if you’re tired of ‘buds falling out of your ears these are the way to go. If you have a compatible device they also have NFC for easy pairing and sweat resistance for the most intense workouts.

Sennheiser CX 686G

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Looking for good ‘ol wired earbuds? Check out the CX 686G in-ears by Sennheiser. These are for the folks that prefer their headphones hardwired to a device in order to completely rid themselves of the possibility that their music might skip and stutter. They come in a neon green color that might not be too stylish for everyday use, but fits right in with the bold colors of most sports gear. If getting earbuds to stay put is an issue you find yourself dealing with more often than you’d like to, then the adjustable hooks on the earbuds could be your perfect workout companion. These help to keep the earbuds firmly in place while working out and are antimicrobial as well, something that Sennheiser calls Steritouch.

The audio cable is also oval-shaped and durable so that you won’t have to worry about it getting tangled up while you’re trying to stay in the zone. It also ends in a 90 degree jack which also helps to increase durability so they’ll last you that much longer and a few inches down from the earbuds is where you’ll find the three button remote and mic. If you have an Android device you’ll get full functionality out of the these buttons but if you have an iOS device only the pause/play button will work. Like most workout earbuds, the CX 686Gs are sweat proof so the even the most strenuous workouts won’t cause them any damage. Needless to say that feature doesn’t extend to them being fully waterproof so we wouldn’t recommend jumping in a pool with them, even if your phone is in a waterproof case.

Overall these are a solid pair of in-ears for anyone who wants good quality, doesn’t want to go wireless, and also doesn’t want to break the bank.

ADV.Sound Evo X

ADV.Sound has plenty of bang for your buck products, and the Evo X headphones are no exception. These fit behind your ear for a good grip while you’re exercising because what good are a pair of headphones that fall out. They’re tuned for exercise so you’ll find a slightly stronger bass response here than on their other products, but it never becomes overbearing. Just enough to add a good amount of power to the low end. These also feature sweat protection which is an obvious must-have in workout headphones and playback controls for hands-free music control.

The one area these headphones don’t excel in is battery life, with only about five hours of constant playback on a single charge. If you want headphones that will last you all day these might not be for you, but for quick workouts after work you can’t go wrong with the $59 Evo X headphones.

CB3 Fit

Headphones should stay put. That’s one of the main reasons why so many people enjoy the Powerbeats. Say what you want about their price and sound, but they stay on your ears. If that kind of fit sounds appealing to you but you’re not looking to drop a lot of cash, check out the CB3 Fit Sport headphones. Just like the Powerbeats, these headphones have plastic ear hooks that keep the ‘bud in place. Simply wrap them over your ear and you’re good to go. They have a strong connection up to 30 feet and a solid sound as well. The Fit also have an IPX4 sweat proof rating, so whether it’s rest day or leg day or won’t have to worry about a little sweat destroying your investment. Unless you’re Dwayne Johnson, you’re probably not working out for hours at a time every day.

The Fit have a seven hour battery life which should be enough for a few days of exercise before needing to be charged up, depending on your schedule. One thing you’ll notice is the suspicious lack of a control module on the wire that connects to two earbuds. That’s because CB3 built the playback controls onto the right ear piece. On the top you’ll find a small mic for answering phone calls, and on the bottom two volume buttons. For pausing and skipping between tracks you’ll have to use the thin button conveniently located on the side.

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We’ll be keeping this list updated as new options come out so feel free to let us know what your favorite headphones are to take with you to the gym. If we missed a couple of good ones let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to add them in the future.

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