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Best gaming headsets

Take your game to the next level with our picks for best gaming headset.

Published onApril 9, 2024

The Best
Audeze Maxwell
MSRP: $299.99
Check price
Sound quality
Connection options
Physical mute switch
Long-term comfort
Best features
Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED
MSRP: $249.99
Check price
Connection options
Battery life
Good sound
Fewer features, connection options on different platforms
Best microphone
Razer BlackShark V2 Pro (2023)
MSRP: $199.99
Check price
Battery life
Excellent microphone
Custom audio/mic EQs on the headset itself
New model brings USB-C and Bluetooth 5.2
Razer Synapse not accessible via mobile or Mac
No 3.5mm connection
No Xbox compatibility
Best comfort
SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7
MSRP: $179.99
Check price
Fast charging
Cross-platform compatibility
Good software
Strange sound profile
Best open-back
MSRP: $199.99
Check price
Open-back design
High-quality materials and build
Good microphone quality
No Bluetooth
No isolation or noise canceling
No onboard controls
Over-emphasis on bass

When it comes to video games, you can just use a typical pair of headphones. Still, your everyday set may cut it if you want more immersive audio and an integrated microphone for online multiplayer. You could supplement your cans with a dedicated microphone, but extra cables are a pain. That’s where gaming headsets come in: instead of buying a separate piece of equipment, sometimes it’s better to pick up an off-the-shelf option with all features built-in to avoid any complicated hookups.

Given the abundance of gaming headsets available on the market, we’ve sorted through them to save you time. Here’s a short list of the best gaming headsets you can buy today.

What's new?

  • This article was updated on April 9, 2024, to refresh our top picks and ensure the timeliness of the information within.
  • If you are looking for something smaller in scale for gaming, check out our list of the best gaming earbuds in 2023.

The Audeze Maxwell is our pick for the best gaming headset

The contents of the Audeze Maxwell's packaging.
Christian Thomas / SoundGuys
You get a lot of headset with the Maxwell and a lot of little parts.

The Audeze Maxwell is the gaming headset to get whether you game on consoles or PC, especially if you swap between the two. Utilizing large planar magnetic drivers, the Audeze Maxwell delivers exceptional sound quality, further enhanced by its deep ear cups and soft pads for comfort. It supports a broad range of connectivity options, including low-latency wireless via a proprietary dongle, Bluetooth 5.3, and USB-C, ensuring compatibility with virtually any device.

Loading chart ...

In terms of functionality, the Audeze Maxwell shines with its user-friendly controls, including a game and media intermix wheel and a mic mute slider, offering intuitive adjustments during gameplay. The Audeze HQ app enhances the headset’s performance with features like spatial audio, EQ presets, and firmware upgrades, making it a crucial companion for optimizing the headset’s capabilities. Despite the lack of active noise cancelation, Maxwell’s design provides effective noise isolation, ensuring an immersive gaming experience.

Combined with good microphone quality and extensive battery life, this is a great choice for serious gamers. The Audeze Maxwell is positioned as a future-proof investment for those willing to navigate its complexities and premium price, offering a blend of high-quality audio, versatility, and innovative features for those who can afford it.

Audeze MaxwellAudeze Maxwell
SoundGuys Editors Choice
Audeze Maxwell
Sound quality • App • Connection options
MSRP: $299.99

There are two microphones on the Audeze Maxwell: an internal one and a boom mic. We could not get the internal mic working with our test setup, but the boom mic worked perfectly. Take a listen below to hear our standardized samples.

Audeze Maxwell microphone demo (Ideal conditions):

Audeze Maxwell microphone demo (Office conditions):

How does the microphone sound to you?

1221 votes

The Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED is a rock-solid option

A man wears the Logitech G PRO X 2 LIGHTSPEED gaming headset while sitting at a computer.
This is really comfortable.

Gaming headsets are continually improving, and the Logitech G PRO X 2 LIGHTSPEED offers a host of feature improvements over the model it replaces, the Logitech G PRO X. Though it’s not the best headset at any one thing it does, the Logitech G PRO X 2 LIGHTSPEED goes everything pretty well.

Audiophiles may not like this headset over other options like the Audeze Maxwell or Penrose, but the Logitech G PRO X 2 LIGHTSPEED is what you get if you just want something that works with pretty much everything.

The Logitech G PRO X 2 LIGHTSPEED microphone sounds decent when you use it from a quiet space. Listen below!

Logitech G PRO X 2 LIGHTSPEED microphone demo (Ideal):

How does the microphone sound to you?

3028 votes
Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEEDLogitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED
SG recommended
Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED
Comfortable • Feature-packed • Sturdy build
MSRP: $249.99
The newest iteration of the G Pro headset line merges the benefits of its wireless and wired predece
The newest iteration of the G Pro headset line merges the benefits of its wireless and wired predecessors. The Logitech G PRO X 2 LIGHTSPEED features graphene headphone drivers, and a boatload of connection options.

The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro (2023) has one of the best microphones

a hand holding the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro 2023

The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro (2023) is a substantial update on its predecessor, offering notable improvements such as enhanced microphone quality, extended battery life, and the addition of USB-C and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. Priced at $199, it aims at gamers and remote workers who prioritize wireless convenience and audio quality during long sessions on PC, PS5, or Nintendo Switch.

The headset boasts excellent battery life, a superb microphone, and the convenience of custom audio and mic EQ settings directly on the device. However, the lack of a 3.5mm connection, no Xbox compatibility, and the inability to access Razer Synapse on mobile or Mac are notable drawbacks. Despite these limitations, its comfort, improved isolation, and sound quality make it a strong contender for those seeking a comfortable wireless gaming headset under $200 with a stellar microphone.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro (2023)Razer BlackShark V2 Pro (2023)
Razer BlackShark V2 Pro (2023)
Comfortable • Removable boom mic • Great battery life
MSRP: $199.99
Comfortable and versatile gaming headset
The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro (2023) are an update to the 2020 model of these gaming headsets. They are a comfortable, over-ear design with removable boom mic and big battery life.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro microphone wireless demo (Ideal):

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro microphone wireless demo (Office):

For excellent comfort, consider the SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Wireless

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 lays on a leather surface next to a Logitech gaming mouse and aHyperX mechanical gaming keyboard
The Arctis Nova 7 represents a real sweet spot for cost and features in the Nova line.

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Wireless keeps with the tradition of SteelSeries headsets, focusing on comfort above all else. Thanks to its suspended headband-style design, it’s nice to use for long periods of time. It also is a good choice when it comes to build quality. The headset comes with a USB-C wireless dongle, as well as a USB-A to USB-C adapter, and also supports Bluetooth and a 3.5mm connection in a pinch. This gives it support for an incredibly wide array of gaming devices, as well as smartphones and PCs.

The only real issue is that the frequency response profile of the SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 wireless isn’t very close to our ideal consumer curve. However, it’s not terrible, and you can improve it somewhat with the software EQ. It’s an excellent choice both for gaming at home as well as out on the go. Additionally, if you’re looking for something that also has active noise canceling, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is a more expensive version of this headset that includes it.

SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Wireless microphone wireless demo (Ideal):

SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Wireless microphone demo (Office):

How does the microphone sound to you?

5599 votes
SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7
SG recommended
SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7
Comfortable • Fast charging • Cross-platform compatibility
MSRP: $179.99
The SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 gives one of the company's most popular headsets a refresh, maintaining the comfort and ease of use. The headset sounds better than the Arctis 7's last outing. A nice option at a relatively reasonable price that works just about everywhere.
See price at Amazon
Save $59.76
SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7X
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The Corsair VIRTUOSO Pro is our open-back pick

Corsair VIRTUOSO PRO headset in a hand over a table.
Austin Kwok / SoundGuys
The Corsair VIRTUOSO PRO is a great option for creative professionals.

The Corsair VIRTUOSO PRO sets itself apart in the gaming headset market primarily due to its open-back design. This feature makes it especially appealing for gamers and streamers who prefer a more natural sound experience and want to avoid ear fatigue during long sessions and is best suited for quiet environments.

Constructed from premium materials like aluminum and plastic, the Corsair VIRTUOSO PRO strikes a balance between durability and aesthetic appeal. Its comfort improves over time, with the headband and ear cups adapting to the user’s head shape, and the cloth material of the ear pads prevents excessive sweating.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. The lack of Bluetooth connectivity, noise isolation, and onboard controls might deter some users. The bass is notably emphasized, which might not suit all tastes, especially for those engaged in professional audio work. Despite these points, its unique positioning as a high-quality headset with a detachable microphone makes it a compelling choice for a niche audience in the gaming community.

Open-back design • Premium materials • Detachable microphone
MSRP: $199.99
An open-back headset with a detachable microphone for gaming, streaming, and creating.
The open-back design of the Corsair VIRTUOSO PRO provides breathability and great sound localization for gaming. A microphone makes this headset great for virtual meetings or streaming.

Corsair VIRTUOSO Pro microphone wireless demo (Ideal):

Corsair VIRTUOSO Pro microphone demo (Office):

If you want a super cheap over-ear option, check out the Razer Kraken X

The back of the headset with the buttons and controls on display.
The volume dial and microphone mute switch are easy to reach from the left ear cup.

The Razer Kraken X brings a lot of value to the table. Sure, it doesn’t sound nearly as good as the HyperX Cloud Alpha, but it brings 3.5mm connectivity and 7.1 surround sound, all for around $50. This option really walks the line between “good value” and downright cheap.

The headset has a lightweight design, with a headband made of durable thermoplastic. The headphones’ memory foam pads feature slight gaps to alleviate pressure if you wear glasses. Its attached microphone is flexible and offers clear audio. All in all, this is a comfortable headset, and the volume and mic controls on the left headphone add even more convenience. The 7.1 surround sound only works with Windows 10, but you won’t find a better over-ear gaming headset for $49 USD.

This is a great boom mic for such a cheap headset but your voice will come through a bit louder here than with other options.

Razer Kraken X microphone demo (Non-standardized):

How does the microphone sound to you?

7125 votes
Razer Kraken XRazer Kraken X
Razer Kraken X
7.1 channel surround sound • Eyewear channels alleviate temple pressure • Cross-platform compatibility
MSRP: $59.00
Good gaming headsets don't have to cost a small fortune.
When gaming in the comfort of your own living room, you’ll want to feel relaxed so you can game on your console for hours on end. Enter the Razer Kraken X for Console. Ultra-light at just 250g with superior gaming audio. Sit tight and play for hours—your console gaming marathons are about to be a breeze.

Is the Sony INZONE H5 a good gaming headset?

A person wearing the Sony INZONE H5 headset grabs the microphone.
Chase Bernath / SoundGuys
This headset is a fine companion for PS5 and PC gamers.

The Sony INZONE H5 positions itself as a mid-range option in Sony’s INZONE gaming headset lineup, aiming for the “goldilocks zone” with a price tag of $149.99. Designed specifically for PC and PS5 gamers, it offers a comfortable fit for long gaming sessions, with notable advantages like low latency wireless connectivity. However, it lacks Bluetooth support, limiting its use to gaming setups without the versatility for other devices. The INZONE H5 excels in battery performance, promising up to 33 hours on a single charge, and provides satisfactory noise isolation through passive means rather than active noise cancelation. Sound quality is described as consumer-friendly with a significant bass boost, though it may struggle with balance in bass-heavy tracks. The headset’s microphone delivers clear voice communication, making it suitable for multiplayer gaming. Despite no MacOS, mobile app support, or audio over USB, the INZONE H5 is a solid choice for gamers who prioritize wireless performance and comfort within Sony’s ecosystem, particularly if they can overlook the absence of certain connectivity features.

Wireless • Low-latency • INZONE Hub software
MSRP: $149.99
Wireless headset for PS5 and PC gamers.
If you frequently game on a PS5 or PC, you should consider the Sony INZONE H5. The included dongle provides low-latency wireless listening, while the Sony INZONE Hub software brings Spatial Sound and advanced customization.

Sony Inzone H5 microphone wireless demo (Ideal):

Sony Inzone H5 microphone wireless demo (Office):

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless will suit most people’s needs

Those who want to remain untethered for hours on end will immediately like the HyperX Cloud Alpha. In our tests, the headset lasted 327 hours, 27 minutes, which knocks the socks off of any other wireless gaming headset we’ve tested. To put this into perspective, the Stealth 600 Gen 2 MAX is runner-up for best battery and lasted 78 hours under those same testing conditions.

The headset was clearly designed with comfort and durability in mind. A solid metal frame, thick plastic headphones, and deep leatherette pads make for a headset that feels fantastic. The onboard controls add an extra degree of convenience, too.

Unfortunately, if the battery does unexpectedly deplete, you can’t just plug in with a wired connection and keep gaming. You can’t use the Cloud Alpha Wireless while it’s charging, either. No, this headset is wireless only and connects to your device via a USB-A dongle. It works well on PC and PlayStation consoles, and you can even use the Cloud Alpha Wireless with a docked Nintendo Switch. Xbox gamers, sorry, you’ll have to keep looking.

If you want to go a step further with the headset, download the HyperX NGenuity app to access firmware updates along with mic/headphone volume adjustments. Here, you can also enable the DTS:X spatial sound feature and create a custom EQ. During our review period, the app struggled to recognize the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless, forcing us to occasionally restart the PC before being able to use it.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Gaming HeadsetHyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Gaming Headset
HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Gaming Headset
Incredible battery life • Great sound • Comfortable
MSRP: $199.99
The HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless adds battery performance leaps and better than the competition.
This classic workhorse gaming headset dramatically outlasts the competition with 300 hours of battery life, making this a no brainer for anyone who's ever known the sting of a dead battery at the beginning of a gaming session.

If you’re looking for something with similar features, check out our reviews of the recently released HyperX Cloud III ($99 at Amazon) and the still-popular HyperX Cloud II ($113 at Amazon).

The detachable mic sounds pretty good on the Cloud Alpha Wireless, but it isn’t the clearest audio quality. Take a listen to the demos below and let us know your thoughts!

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless microphone demo (Ideal):

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless microphone demo (Office):

How does the microphone sound to you?

4222 votes

Notable mentions

The Astro A30 headset being worn.
The Astro A30 is comfortable enough to wear for many hours of gaming.
  • Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT ($219 at Amazon): This has all the same strengths as the Corsair Virtuoso Wireless SE on our list, only it now adds Bluetooth and aptX HD support. If you want something for a little wider usage than the typical gaming headset, this could be a great option, but it’s considerably more expensive than the SE, and the battery life is a little lackluster.
  • EPOS H3PRO Hybrid ($203 at Amazon): This is still a really capable option despite getting knocked out of our list, but it’s just a little on the expensive side. Give it a look if any of our picks don’t appeal to you.
  • HyperX Cloud Orbit S ($218 at Amazon): This is a great option for the person who wants something as good as Audeze Mobius but doesn’t necessarily need every feature under the sun. The Cloud Orbit S is based on the Mobius, with the same 100mm planar magnetic drivers and 3D audio features, but it jettisons the Bluetooth support. Plus, it’s cheaper.
  • Logitech G435 Lightspeed ($29 at Amazon): This gaming headset may look like a kid’s toy, but it packs plenty of punch beneath its pop of color. You get a lightweight headset that’s responsibly produced and sounds good for around $80 USD. If you like the design and want to up the ante a bit, go in for the Logitech G733 Lightspeed instead.
  • Razer Barracuda X ($99 at Amazon): Much like the SteelSeries Arctis 7P, this wireless gaming headset uses a USB-C dongle to connect to a wide range of gaming platforms. The mic sounds great, to boot.
  • Razer BlackShark V2 Pro ($119 at Amazon): Everything good we have to say about the BlackShark V2 is true about the 2020 model, but it’s wireless.
  • SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless ($158 at Amazon): The SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless brings simultaneous Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless connections to the already great Arctis framework. It’s a little on the pricey side, but it’s otherwise a very solid all-rounder.

What are some good wired gaming headsets?

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro lays on a leather surface, with one of its magnetic face plates partially detached,
The Arctis Nova side plates are replaceable, but the magnetic surface underneath picks up scratches pretty easily.
  • Beyerdynamic MMX 100 ($99 at Amazon): Need a straightforward wired gaming headset that puts sound quality above all else? The $99 USD MMX 100 may earn a spot on your mantle.
  • Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset ($279 at Amazon): If you subscribe to the belief that the best gaming headset you can buy is just the best pair of headphones you can get, this may be the product for you. It’s the Bose QC 35 II—already a classic pair of noise canceling headphones—with a wired microphone attachment for gaming. However, it’s very expensive, and there’s no way to just buy the attachment if you’ve already got the same pair of headphones.
  • Fnatic React ($64 at Amazon): Its audio output isn’t quite as accurate as the HyperX Cloud Alpha (though it comes pretty close), but if you want a reasonably priced stereo gaming headset and having a very good microphone is a priority, the Fnatic React might be just the ticket. This is a comfortable, straightforward headset, and it won’t break the bank.
  • HyperX Cloud Core ($69 at Amazon): If you want a cheap wired gaming headset that often goes on sale for around $30 USD, this is it. It sounds pretty decent and features a detachable mic with good controls.
  • Razer Blackshark V2 ($79 at Amazon): Razer’s revamp of the BlackShark line was one of the best gaming headsets of 2020, though its microphone leaves a little to be desired. It’s super comfortable, it sounds great, with fantastic isolation and a lightweight enough build for long gaming sessions, though it does feel a little flimsy. There’s also a wireless version with an improved microphone, though it’s considerably more expensive.
  • SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro ($196.99 at Amazon): This wired gaming headset includes its own GameDAC where you can create a custom 10-band EQ setting or choose from some presets. The sound quality and comfort are very good, but you may shy away because of its price.
  • Turtle Beach Recon 500 ($79 at Amazon): Turtle Beach has put out some of the most reliable cheap gaming headsets on the market for years, and the company’s newest 3.5mm offering strikes a great balance between price and premium build. There aren’t any notable bells and whistles, but given pretty much every platform offers its own built-in virtual surround sound, you don’t need much to have a good time.

What you should know about gaming headsets

The Astro A40 being worn.
The Astro A40 is comfortable and easy to use for long gaming sessions and Discord calls.

When it comes to buying a gaming headset, there are plenty of things to take into account, like price, design, sound, microphone quality, portability, and more. If you already know that you’re looking for niche produce (e.g., something for mobile gaming), then you can get even more specific with our lists of the best Steam Deck gaming headsets and best Nintendo Switch gaming headsets. Multi-platform gamers or those who want to be able to use their headsets beyond gaming should consider the following.

Aesthetic considerations are also worth making. If you’re interested in a headset that you can use in front of other people on a video call or out and about, something a little more low-key is probably a good idea. Oddly enough, a handful of Razer‘s most recent headsets may fit that bill.

Do gaming headsets sound different from headphones?

JBL Quantum 600 Frequency Response chart
The frequency response of the JBL Quantum 600 (cyan) varies wildly, and its boosted bass is emblematic of gaming headsets generally.

Gaming headsets don’t have to sound different from headphones, but many gaming headset frequency responses crank up the bass to make boomy sounds, well, boomier. That can be a good thing for immersion, but too much bass can actually detract from the experience and hinder your performance. Ideally, you want to have a slight bass bump that makes explosions stand out without making it hard to hear other in-game sounds like nearby enemy footsteps or the “twinkle” sound of a proximate treasure. A gaming headset with a versatile frequency response will more closely align with our target curve (the pink line in our charts).

Why should your Steam Deck gaming headset block out noise?

JBL Quantum One isolation and active noise canceling chart showing impressive ANC performance.
The JBL Quantum One’s active noise canceling is impressive, doing a fairly good job at blocking out low bass rumbles that usual headset isolation doesn’t cover.

Mobile gamers who use a Switch, Steam Deck, or mobile phone for most of their gaming will want to look out for a headset with good isolation performance. When a set of headphones can passively block out noise, you’ll be more able to hear in-game sounds over real-world noises—ideal for those of us who game on our train commutes.

Good isolation requires a good fit, particularly with how the ear pads cover space around your ear. You don’t want any gaps between the pads and your skull, or else you risk auditor masking. It can be hard to get a good fit if you wear glasses. If you are a bespectacled gamer, we recommend paying a bit extra for good velour pads.

How do you connect a gaming headset?

Not every headset is created equal when it comes to connectivity. For better or worse, some gaming headsets offer limited compatibility or are completely incompatible with certain consoles altogether. Don’t worry, we have you covered. If compatibility is of utmost importance, you may want to stick to wired 3.5mm options or wireless gaming headsets that use USB-C dongles.

Do certain platforms only support certain features?

The Xbox Series X/S in grey against a green background.
It’s rare to find a wireless headset that works with Xbox and PlayStation.

Features are still an important consideration, but these days, they’ve moved to the backburner a bit. Gaming platforms (including Windows) all have their own onboard solutions for things like spatial audio, so there’s not a whole to buying headset because it comes with that feature preloaded. For instance, as long as you can plug a headset into your PlayStation 5, it will work with the 3D audio feature. For features like EQ customization, you’ll still need something that uses a companion app, though.

Why you should trust SoundGuys on the best gaming headsets

A hand holds one of the Apple AirPods (3rd generation) to the ear of a head simulator.
Now, we use a Bruel & Kjaer 5128 test head to perform isolation and frequency response tests, as seen with the AirPods and any other headset that comes our way.

The team at SoundGuys is deeply invested in helping you find the best audio products for your needs and budget. We want to share our passion with our readers and minimize the legwork you need to put in. Whether we’re interviewing experts on hearing loss or submerging waterproof speakers, we do what it takes to get to the truth of the matter. Our team has years of experience reviewing products, conducting lab tests, working in studios, and in the field of journalism.


We’ve got a whole list of them right here! We also have a separate list for the best wireless Xbox One gaming headsets.

If you’re looking to produce a gaming voiceover or just really want your voice to come out crystal clear when talking to your teammates, you might want to consider one of our best gaming microphones or even one of our best podcasting mics. An external mic will almost always give you a better sound simply because they’re designed to produce high-quality audio and reproduce a natural frequency response. Depending on the type of microphone you buy, you may need to purchase additional equipment in order to power it. If you just need the mic to do the job of communicating with your teammates and don’t want to spend too much, a headset with a mic will suffice. Additionally, because a headset mic is often physically closer to your mouth than an external mic, it can be better for canceling out clicking sounds from keyboards.

Some of the best brands for gaming headsets include Logitech, Corsair, SteelSeries, HyperX, and Razer. Check out our list for the latest options.

Our number one pick for the best all-around gaming headset is the HyperX Cloud Alpha because it has one of the best battery life, comfort and sound customization options via the app we’ve tested.

Many pro gamers and esports professionals use many of the gaming headsets featured on this list, such as the Logitech G Pro X, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro, the HyperX Cloud II, and the Razer Blackshark V2.

Some of the best Call of Duty players have been spotted wearing headsets featured on this list, such as the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT, the Logitech G Pro X, and the SteelSeries Arctis Pro.

In one word: sponsorships. During live tournaments, esports players will be seen wearing two headsets, often one over their ears and one around their neck, to showcase a product from their sponsors while actually using the organizer-provided or their preferred headset.

Ninja, one of the most popular gaming live streamers, typically wears the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro. They technically aren’t a gaming headset but rather a premium pick of headphones for audiophiles.