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1MORE ComfoBuds 2 review

You could get two of these for less than the cost of AirPods.

Published onDecember 21, 2021

1MORE ComfoBuds 2
The bottom line
The 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 has some major flaws—mainly the lack of isolation and extremely overpowering bass out of the box. However, considering the low price, these earbuds are still a solid value buy. For half a Benjamin Franklin, the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 offers plenty of features in a compact and portable body.

1MORE ComfoBuds 2

The 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 has some major flaws—mainly the lack of isolation and extremely overpowering bass out of the box. However, considering the low price, these earbuds are still a solid value buy. For half a Benjamin Franklin, the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 offers plenty of features in a compact and portable body.
Product release date
October 13, 2021
$59 USD
39.36 × 17.96 × 19.2 mm (earbud)
68.8 × 30 × 26.4 mm (case)
4.3g (earbud)
26.9g (case)
Model Number
What we like
Good battery life and fast charging
Lightweight and comfortable
IPX5 rating
Bluetooth 5.2
Companion app with EQ
What we don't like
Poor isolation
Overpowering bass
No wireless charging
SBC and AAC only, no aptX
SoundGuys Rating
User Rating
Rating Metric
Our Rating
User Rating
Isolation / Attenuation
Durability / Build Quality

Value is the name of the game for audio company 1MORE, with all of its sub-$100 true wireless earbud offerings. The 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 is the most economic of the bunch, retailing for less than $60 USD. Still, these earbuds promise a quality experience with premium features such as fast charging and water resistance. However, the ComfoBuds 2 doesn’t avoid all the shortcomings of cheap earbuds and has some major drawbacks on hand.

Does this pair of true wireless earbuds deliver the best bang-for-your-buck, or is it worth spending a little bit more to get the 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro instead?

Editor’s note: this 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 review was updated on December 28, 2021, to add the results of our battery test.

Who should buy the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2?

  • Budget-conscious buyers should consider this set of buds for its solid performance at an affordable price.
  • Bass heads will enjoy the default sound of the ComfoBuds 2.
  • Workout enthusiasts looking for a pair of earbuds to toss in their gym bag will appreciate the low cost and sweat resistance of the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2.

What is it like to use the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2?

The 1MORE Comfobuds 2 earbuds and case on an off-white table.
The small ear tips provide little isolation.

The first thing you’ll notice with the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 is just how small and compact the whole package is. The earbuds weigh in at a measly 4.3g each, while the charging case is small enough to fit in any pocket.

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Made entirely out of plastic, nothing about the earbuds or case feels very premium. The lid on the charging case is quite flimsy, and while the earbuds are IPX5 water-resistant, I don’t feel too confident about the long-term durability of anything here. Still, you could buy two pairs of these earbuds and still have some change left over, compared to picking up the Apple AirPods.

The oblong ear tips and lightweight build make the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 extremely comfortable.

There are two different-sized ear tips included in the box, but the design of the earbuds doesn’t push the ear tips very far into the ear canal. The earbuds more or less just rest against the outer ear, with the silicone ear tips providing a limited seal. While this design isn’t the best for blocking out environmental noise, it does create a very comfortable fit as you won’t have to worry about pressure or discomfort from shoving ear tips deep inside your ear canal.

How do you control the 1MORE earbuds?

Tapping the side of either earbud controls music playback and calls. You have to tap the stem rather than the main part of the earbuds, which can inadvertently dislodge the ear tips from the ear. In-ear detection automatically pauses playback when an earbud is taken out of the ear, though this feature can be disabled within the 1MORE MUSIC app.

Should you download the 1MORE MUSIC app?

While older 1MORE earbuds are quite limited in software functionality, the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 gets some key features through the 1MORE MUSIC app. Once connected, you’ll see earbud and case battery life on the home screen, as well as the option to update the earbuds to the latest firmware. You can customize the earbud tap controls for music playback, volume control, or voice control.

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The EQ presets are critical to the performance of these earbuds. There isn’t a fully custom EQ, but you can select from 12 presets that significantly alter the buds’ frequency response. 1MORE also includes a gaming mode that reduces earbud latency time, which is good for watching videos too. Other options include soothing sounds to help you focus, relax, or sleep.

What Bluetooth codecs does the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 support?

1MORE Comfobuds 2 earbud close up as it lays on a table.
The earbuds maintain a strong connection to most devices.

The 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 features Bluetooth 5.2 with support for SBC and AAC. There isn’t support for high-end Bluetooth codecs such as aptX, but AAC will provide great playback quality for Apple device owners. AAC is much less reliable on Android devices, but the standard SBC codec is good enough for most people.

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How long does the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 battery last?

1MORE Comfobuds 2 USB-C case charging port against an Android figurine.
You can use the USB-C cable to charge the case.

1MORE claims the earbuds last 6 hours on a single charge, with the case providing an additional 18 hours of playback time. This proved to be true in our battery testing, with the earbuds lasting 6 hours and 41 minutes with continuous playback at 75dB(SPL). Furthermore, fast charging can attain 3 hours of playback time from only 15 minutes of charging.

Bear in mind that all lithium-ion battery cells, which happen to be in true wireless earbuds, degrade over time. When you use your earbuds regularly, you’re unlikely to get more than two or three years out of them if that. Anyone who wants eco-friendly headphones should know that true wireless buds aren’t your friend.

How well does the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 block out noise?

Loading chart ...

Since the ear tips don’t penetrate very deep into the ear canal, noise isolation on the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 is limited. Sounds from 500-1,000Hz will sound about half as loud when you wear the earbuds. Most high-frequency sounds above 1kHz will sound about a quarter as loud when you wear the ComfoBuds 2. This isn’t very helpful for blocking out the low-frequency rumble of an airplane engine (see—noise canceling earbuds), but the passive isolation will help block out some office chatter or street noise.

How does the 1MORE Cofobuds 2 sound?

Loading chart ...

Out of the box, the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 sounds pretty terrible. A massive 20dB boost to bass frequencies completely drowns out the rest of the music due to the effects of auditory masking. The treble response is quite good but you can’t hear much of it with the default sound profile.

Low, mids, and highs

With the song Another You by Armin van Buuren, the verse sounds okay. This goes down the tubes when the kick drum and bass hit at 1:10, at which point I can only hear the kick and bass.

Listeners who like extra oomph from their music might like how the ComfoBuds 2 sounds out of the box, but I’ll wager that most of us prefer a quieter bass response. Thankfully, there is an easy fix in the “Bass reducer” EQ preset option. With this preset enabled, the earbuds actually sound quite good, with low-end frequencies at much more reasonable levels. Unless you really love bass, enable the bass reducer preset as soon as you pair your earbuds.

If your favorite part of music is sub-bass, go ahead and turn on the “Bass booster” preset option—it’s like putting a sub-woofer directly into your ears. Who wants to actually hear vocals or instruments in their music anyways?

How good is the microphone on the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2?

Microphone quality on the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 is good enough for taking calls on the go. The stem shape of the earbuds places microphones closer to your mouth, so the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 isolates your voice from background noise better than most true wireless earbuds in this price range.

Four environmental noise canceling (ENC) microphones on the earbuds block out background noise. In our second microphone test below, you can hear the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 attenuating simulated office background noise.

1MORE ComfoBuds 2 microphone demo (ideal):

1MORE ComfoBuds 2 microphone demo (office):

How does the microphone sound to you?

245 votes

How does the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 compare to the 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro?

1MORE Comfobuds Pro in the white case as it is open.
Noise canceling makes the 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro a good companion in any environment.

For a slightly higher price tag, the 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro provides a bit more control over environmental noise. Active noise canceling quiets low frequencies, while the larger ear tips provide a tighter seal for improved passive isolation.

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The Pro model has significantly less bass out of the box, but there is no EQ support to adjust the sound unless you get the new Aurora Blue version. The 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro has been out for a while now and can be found on sale for only $75 USD—only $15 more than the ComfoBuds 2.

Should you buy the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2?

The 1MORE Comfobuds 2 earbuds in the open charging case.
The 1MORE Comfobuds 2 offers good value at a low price point.

If you don’t plan to listen in noisy environments, and remember to change the default EQ setting, the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 is a good value purchase. The earbuds are comfortable, portable, and water-resistant, making the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 great for tossing in your backpack or gym bag. At this price, you’ll also likely sidestep the anxiety of losing or breaking the earbuds—something you might feel when walking around with $300 USD earbuds such as the Sony WF-1000XM4.

1MORE’s earbuds certainly aren’t luxurious, you aren’t getting any premium materials, high-end codec support, or convenience features like wireless charging. However, at this price, we aren’t going to nitpick over those little things. With a bit of tinkering, the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 gets the job done.

1MORE Comfobuds 2 product image against a white background.
1MORE ComfoBuds 2
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What are some alternatives to the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2?

The ComfoBuds 2 isn’t the only affordable pair of true wireless earbuds worth your attention. The Edifier TWS1 stands out for its great connection quality and good sound for less than $40 USD. You don’t get any kind of app support but you do get a pleasing frequency response, aptX, and the same IPX5 rating as the ComfoBuds 2.

The Jabra Elite 3 lays on a white shelf next to a Google Pixel 4a with the quick control dropdown menu open.
Opening the home screen dropdown menu with the Elite 3 presents you with a few control options.

If you want great workout earbuds for a similar price, check out the Anker Soundcore Life A1. These earbuds offer a secure fit, great durability, and perks such as wireless charging and mono listening. The Jabra Elite 3 is another solid pair of budget workout earbuds that costs just a bit more than 1MORE’s earbuds. With Jabra’s earphones, you get aptX and SBC support, an IP55 rating, and good sound quality with a minor bass bump.

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