While the Apple AirPods Pro greatly improve upon the original AirPods design, they’re not without their flaws. Whether you’re  unable to get a good fit, or are worried about the case’s durability, there are extras you can pickup to improve your AirPods Pro experience. Seeing how everyone’s trying to cash-in on the AirPods market, it can be hard to differentiate the good from the gimmicks. That’s where we come in: here are the best AirPods Pro accessories out now.

Editor’s note: this list was updated on April 6, 2021, to address an FAQ about painting the AirPods Pro.

The best AirPods Pro accessories are the Proof Labs Memory Foam Tips and Ear Hooks

Apple doesn’t include memory foam ear tips or wing tips with its AirPods Pro, but the Proof Labs Memory Foam Tips and Ear Hooks fill the gap. These ear tips are compatible with the AirPods Pro’s indented collar design, and they come with three sizes. The memory foam tips improve sound quality and noise cancelling performance, and the wing tips improve stability for workouts or everyday use.

Proof Labs Memory Foam Tips and Ear Hooks

Noise cancelling technology is complicated, but the TL;DR of it is this: in order to get the most out of your noise cancelling earbuds, you have to have to start with a good fit. Finding a proper fit with earbuds can be difficult, especially if the headset only includes a few pairs of silicone sleeves. Memory foam ear tips remedy this fit issue because they expand to the shape of the user’s ear canals. This means even more excess noise is blocked out passively by the dense foam barrier than silicone alternatives. The end result: improved noise cancelling and sound quality. The downside is that memory foam degrades faster than silicone and is a lot harder to clean.

The Catalyst waterproof case can endure

One of the best things about true wireless technology is how portable it is, but just because the AirPods Pro case is portable doesn’t mean it’s durable. That’s why backpackers, hikers, and urban explorers should pickup the Catalyst waterproof case.

Catalyst waterproof case

This buddy can handle it all: it’s IP67 and MIL-STD 810G certified and tested; the former rating denotes dust and water-resistance while the latter indicates shock-resistance. Its silicone sleeve is form-fitting but still allows quick access to the case’s lid, so you can reveal the earbuds for easy listening.

Catalyst made a little cutout in the center of the case, so the AirPods Pro case’s LED indicator is still visible. The included carabiner is great for hooking it onto a backpack strap or belt loop, so you’ll never be without your favorite buds.

The Anker 15W Wireless Charger can charge anything quickly

Of all the Apple AirPods Pro accessories, this one may be the most versatile. Not only can it charge the AirPods Pro case, but its 15W specification means that it can also fast charge a smartphone and any Qi-compatible device quickly.

Anker PowerWave II Pad

It’s a bit cumbersome relative to other wireless charging pads because of the five-foot DC power cable, but that’s really the only downside here. The smart charging technology is programmed to recognize when it needs to switch between 5, 7.5W, 10W, and 15W charging modes. This means you’ll benefit from optimal charging rates no matter the device.

An anti-slip ring encircles the circumference of the pad, so it can hold a phone, Apple Watch, or AirPods Pro case in place. Oh, and it plays nicely with cases up to 5mm thick. So if you buy a case for your earbuds, you don’t have to fiddle with removing it before placing it on the charging pad.

Keep track of your AirPods Pro with the Cobcobb magnetic leash

This magnetic earbuds leash is great for anyone prone to losing things, and for athletes. Since the leash is made of silicone, it can stretch to hold the AirPods, AirPods Pro, or any other AirPods and AirPods Pro alternatives.

Cobcobb magnetic leash

Each collar hides a magnet for clasping the earbuds together, which is great for avoiding unwieldy cables when the earbuds aren’t in use. The cable leash weighs just 14 grams and comes in a variety of colors. The company also backs a six-month warranty in case any issues arise.

Every day is throwback Thursday with the Spigen Classic Shuffle case

If you’re looking for fun AirPods Pro accessories, you’ve hit the jackpot here with the Spigen Classic Shuffle case. This turns the white plastic case into an Apple iPod shuffle lookalike.

Spigen Classic Shuffle case

The soft silicone covering protects the Pro’s case from scratches and absorbs minor shocks; though, it isn’t nearly as durable as the Catalyst waterproof case mentioned above. The buttons on it are aesthetics only, but cool nonetheless. Spigen kept a cutout for the LED indicator and button indentation for manually pairing the headset. This makes a great gift for the Apple fanboy in your life. For a more modern case from Spigen, check out the Rugged Armor case.

Best AirPods Pro accessories: notable mentions

  • AhaStyle AirPods Pro Ear Hooks: Athletes who want a way to secure their valued noise cancelling earbuds to their ears when working out should get these. They’re easy to install and include a carrying pouch.
  • Caseology Vault case: This is a more affordable alternative to the Catalyst case, and is more durable than the Spigen Shuffle Classic case. The textured exterior makes it easy to grip, and its thin enough to be compatible with a wide array of wireless charging pads.
  • CharJenPro AirFoams ProThese ear tips are more expensive than the Comply Foam Tips, but include a mesh guard to prevent earwax from mucking up your AirPods Pro.
  • Comply Memory Foam Tips: If you want memory foam ear tips without the wing tips, go for these. They are more expensive than the Proof Labs tips, though.
  • elago AirPods Pro Ear Hooks: For extra stability, get these ear hooks. They’re soft, bendable, and easy to install and remove.
  • elago Peach AirPods Pro Case Cover: This cute peach-shaped case cover doesn’t block wireless charging capabilities, and it has a bright silicone build, so you shouldn’t have trouble locating it on your desk or in your bag.
  • Nomad Rugged Case for AirPods Pro: If you’re looking for a slim yet durable case to protect your AirPods Pro, Nomad has you covered. Literally. This leather case is available in black and in two shades of brown. It also comes with an optical light pipe which allows you to see the LED charging indicator, and a lanyard attachment point for an optional wrist strap.
  • Wowwat accessory bundle: This $10.99 bundle of accessories includes an Airpods Pro strap, case, watch band holder, 2 different keychains, 3 different AirPods Pro covers, an earhook, an earbuds holder, a cleaning brush, and a zippered pouch to carry all your accessories.

What you should know about the best AirPods Pro accessories

Top-down shot of the eartips on a white iPhone X.

The AirPods Pro come with three different sized eartips, one of which comes pre-installed on the earbuds.

Although the AirPods Pro is a more feature-packed variant of the original AirPods, Apple has yet to design an extensive line of accessories for the AirPods Pro, missing out on products like foam ear tips, a first-party wireless charging pad (RIP AirPower), or even a decent protective enclosure for the charging case. Fortunately, third-party manufacturers have answered the call for AirPods Pro accessories, with Amazon being flooded with different case, ear tips, and wireless charging pad options. With our list of the best AirPods Pro accessories, you can take comfort in the fact that any product listed here will be well worth your money.

How to use AirPods Pro accessories

Accessories for the AirPods Pro come in all different shapes and sizes. Whatever you’re buying, whether it be ear tips, straps, silicon cases, or even a charging mat, it’s best to read the instructions from your product manufacturer, ensuring that you’re using your accessories correctly. This is especially true if you’re buying third-party ear tips, where improper installation can lead to a bad fit, negatively affecting your music listening experience.

Please note that AirPods Pro accessories are not compatible with AirPods, and vice-versa, since both products are engineered with different designs and hardware specs. This includes ear hooks, ear tips, charging case sleeves/skins, cable leashes, and charging pads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your reviews are excellent! I'm getting the Apple Airpods Pro but really think they look ridiculous (I'm at the age where I have given up on looks ;-). I see that people have painted these to make then stand out less. What are your thoughts on painting or wrapping the Airpods Pro? Will the touch and pressure functions still work? Thanks!

We wouldn't recommend painting or wrapping the AirPods Pro in tape because it likely will hinder the touch controls and functionality of the earbuds. The AirPods Pro have touch controls all up and down the stem, and the bulbous part of the bud has microphones for calling and ANC as well as a vent system for pressure equalization.

Why would I want an AirPods Pro leash if I could just buy Apple's wired earbuds?

One benefit of having a leash with your true wireless earbuds is that it can be removed at any time, so you don't have to commit to having an attached cable. An additional benefit of using this accessory is that it allows you access to all the features of the AirPods Pro, such as active noise cancelling, which Apple's older wired earbuds don't have.

Will using a case with my AirPods Pro interfere with wireless charging?

Theoretically, no. Wireless charging should still work with the AirPods Pro charging case, even if it's wrapped in a skin or silicon case—so long as the case is no thicker than 5mm.

What are the differences between silicone and memory foam ear tips?

Silicone ear tips prevail in comfort and washability. Meanwhile, memory foam ear tips are better at creating a good seal with your ears, leading to improved sound quality.

What's faster? Charging the AirPods Pro case wirelessly or using a cable?

While wireless chargers are certainly convenient, they're not as fast as using a wire. If you need to charge your AirPods Pro in a pinch, you're better off using its included Lighting cable.