The Apple AirPods Max is as expensive as consumer headphones get, and if you’re going to splurge that much on headphones, you’d be wise to pick up a durable carrying case. Apple’s Smart Case has a silly design and just doesn’t cut it when it comes to protecting your investment. We scoured the internet for the best AirPods Max cases to keep your new headphones scratch-free.

Editor’s note: this list of the best AirPods Max cases was updated on December 7, 2021, to include the Spigen Klasden to the Best list, and to include the KT-CASE Carry Case and MAOGOAM Leather Case to the Notable mentions.

The co2CREA Hard Carrying Case is the best AirPods Max case for most people

Apple’s included Smart Case is no match for the books, keys, and assortment of miscellaneous items in your bag, which is where the co2CREA Hard Carrying Case comes in. This zippered case is simple, durable, and it has ample room to store the headphones while sheathed in the proprietary Smart Case. You can even fit a power brick in the center of the case, below the headband.

co2CREA Hard Carrying Case

co2CREA’s case is shock, dust, and water-resistant, so you can take it anywhere without needing to babysit your headset. Its anti-static lining is nice and does a fine job of repelling lint and hair. The case may not be made from the finest materials, but it gets the job done, and its external handle makes it easy to fish out of your bag.

The Geekria Case is super slim

If you don’t want to carry a bulky case everywhere you go, consider the Geekria case, which is just 5cm tall. It features a zippered closure mechanism and small metal D-ring so you can clip it to a bag. There are two small cutouts in the interior where you can store a power brick and charging cable.

Geekria case

Because of the slim design, Geekria’s AirPods Max case isn’t the most protective option on the list, but it does have the ability to force the AirPods Max into sleep mode just like Apple’s Smart Case. Unfortunately, users have expressed that this feature isn’t the most reliable—something that third-party case buyers report across the board.

The Yinke Smart Case is as durable as it is affordable

The Yinke Smart Case is the most budget-friendly case on this list, but don’t let its price fool you: this is as good as the rest of them. The internal mold is precisely cut to accommodate Apple’s headphones, and Yinke leaves plenty of room below the headband for you to store a power brick and cable.

Yinke Smart Case

Velvet lines the interior of this water- and shock-resistant case, and the double-zipper enclosure gives you a bit of flexibility when you close or open the case. Yinke’s case puts the headset into sleep mode to conserve battery power, but as is a pattern among AirPods Max cases, the success rate isn’t great. However, you can finagle the AirPods Max and Apple Smart Case into Yinke’s case to ensure the headset enters sleep mode.

Keep things organized with the Spigen Klasden Designed for Airpods Max Carrying Case

This case is on the larger end of the size spectrum, but it’s decked out with protective materials to keep your expensive headphones safe. Like the Yinke case, this has a custom-molded design for the AirPods Max and can fit the Smart Case too. Be aware: when you store the AirPods Max without the Smart Case, they may wiggle around a bit here.

Spigen Klasden AirPods Max Carrying Case

What makes the Vibeside Premium Smart Case unique is that the external carry loop can quickly hook around a carabiner or any kind of attachment system. Inside, there’s a “hidden” panel that you can use to store cables or anything small enough, really. The case is fairly slim and is easy to slide into a backpack or suitcase.

Use the Spigen Ultra Hybrid PRO to prevent headphone scratches

One of the draws to the AirPods Max is its minimalist, clean design but the headset is subject to scratches and scuffs like anything else. Spigen protects your investment while you use it with its Ultra Hybrid PRO ear cup shields.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid PRO

These protectors are transparent and designed to resist abrasion and discoloration, so your headphones will look good for longer. When you go to sheathe the AirPods Max in the proprietary Smart Case, or in any one of these listed cases, you can keep Spigen’s headphone protectors installed. You still get full access to the Digital Crown and Noise Control button with these shields and they’re easy to snap off when you need to clean them.

The best AirPods Max accessories: Notable mentions

  • KT-CASE Carry Case for Airpods Max Silicone Earpads Cover for AirPod Max: What’s great about this case is that it includes protective covers for the ear cups, and accommodates the added thickness, so you’ll have no trouble fitting the AirPods Max with ear cup covers into the well-designed case.
  • MAOGOAM AirPods Max Leather Case, Magnetic induction sleep case: This one is a little different, and probably best used around the home. It’s a premium-looking lined cowhide leather sleep case, great for avoiding scuffs on your AirPods Max. You spent the bucks, why not display your AirPods Max headset in style at home?
  • SaharaCase Case for the AirPods Max: At $39.99 USD, this is the most expensive case mentioned in this article. It protects your headset from dust, water, and drops, and features an accessible zipper pocket on the inside. If you don’t mind shelling out for a well-built hardshell case, this is the one for you.
  • TOLUOHU Silicone Cover for Apple Airpods Max: These durable, shock-absorbing silicone covers stretch over the AirPods Max headphones and are basically a rubberized version of Spigen’s covers.
  • Vibeside Premium Smart Case: What makes the Vibeside Premium Smart Case unique is that the internal top panel flips down to reveal a mesh zippered pocket. The padded handle is easy to grip and use to pull the case out from a crowded bag. It’s fairly large but otherwise good.

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