If you’ve just bought a set of expensive headphones, there’s really only one way to protect them from falling to the floor while also displaying their majesty—and that’s with a headphone stand. Sure, it may seem like a bit of excess for some, but it is a good way to clear up some space while making your battlestation look as attractive as it sounds.

Thankfully, there’s a stand out there for whatever budget or aesthetic you like—whether you have fashionable headphones or audiophile cans. Here are some of the best we’ve found to date.

Sieveking Sound Omega Headphone Stand

These are quite expensive, but there’s nothing quite like a well crafted solid wood headphone stand. Sieveking may not be a household brand, but they’re popular with audiophiles because you get exactly what you pay for: a well-formed omega-shaped stand, crafted out of hardwood. With options ranging from Maple to Walnut, you can probably find a matching finish—or at least a complimentary one. If you don’t want to shell out that much cash, you may want to consider this knockoff, but keep in mind that it’s a bit lower quality.

Glass head universal display

For the more avant garde among you, a glass head may not be the worst choice to adorn your desk. It certainly looks a lot better than the head on my desk, and serves as a high-concept headphone stand if you’re a fan of transparent objects. Though it may stretch out your headphones a bit, that may not be the worst thing in the world if you find that your cans clamp on your head too hard. If I had more desk space I’d consider this, but much like it is in Highlander: only one head survives in my office.

Razer Headphone Stand

Razer knows its target demographic, and gamers might want to consider their headphone stand if they’re already invested in that MLG desk theme. No, it doesn’t come with green LEDs, but it is very angular and metal—very unlikely to break or wobble over. At $40 it’s a little pricey, but it’s the what you pay for what you’re getting. It’s right in line with the other options here, and the only one on the market with this type of design.

Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand

If you have Bluetooth or ANC headphones that charge over USB, I’m pretty confident that the Satechi headphone stand is something that should be on your shortlist. Not only can it charge your cans, but it also has a really awesome cable management system behind the stem so your cords don’t make an ugly appearance on your desk. There aren’t any wood-finish options, but there are a variety of different metal finishes available. Consequently, it may not belong on certain desks.

Avantree Bamboo Headphone Stand

Bamboo enthusiasts will like Avantree’s entry into the headphone stand arena. While it’s fairly plain-looking, I appreciate the tray on the bottom to store the cables or whatever else you’d like to toss in there. The bamboo is a nice touch, and should fit in on any solid-colored desk or dark-finish wood. It’s not complicated, and at its price: it doesn’t need to be.

While I didn’t include the comedy option banana hanger as a headphone stand, there are plenty of other items you can use even if they’re not branded as “headphone stands.” There are loads of really kickass headphone stands welded out of metal or crafted out of wood on Etsy. You can even build your own if you’re an enterprising individual! The great thing about it is: headphone stands are simple devices, so they’re pretty hard to screw up.

Sound off in the comments if we’ve missed your favorite headphone stand, and who knows? Maybe it makes our list next month!

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