You just dropped a significant chunk of change on the Apple AirPods Max, but how can you maximize your feature-packed audio investment? We’ve rounded up the best AirPods Max accessories from cases to cables, so you can get the most out of your newfangled smart headset!

Editor’s note: this Best AirPods Max accessories article was updated on December 7, 2021, to update the Notable mentions section.

Protect your AirPods Max with the co2CREA Hard Carrying Case

The maligned AirPods Max Smart Case provides minimal protection to your expensive new headphones. In order to keep your AirPods Max working for years to come, we recommend the co2CREA Hard Carrying Case. A zipper keeps the hardshell case shut, while an external loop makes it easy for you to attach the case to a bag.

co2CREA Hard Carrying Case

There’s ample room in the co2CREA case for the AirPods Max and the proprietary Smart Case. You can even store a charging cable and power adapter in the cutout between the headband. While the case isn’t made of luxury materials, it’s durable and affordable. Cases are meant to be roughed up anyway, so no point in overspending here as long as it keeps your AirPods Max protected.

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The TOLUOHU Headband Cushion keeps the AirPods Max in place

The AirPods Max uses a unique mesh headband design that immediately separates it from the slew of AirPods Max alternatives, but this design may not be comfortable for all listeners. Fortunately, third-party vendor TOLUOHU makes headband inserts to prevent the headband from slipping down the crown of your head.

TOLUOHU Headband Cushion

The TOLUOHU Headband Cushion comes in five colorways (black, navy, orange, red, and green), and you can clean it just by running it under some water. The silicone attachment has angled, embossed lines that run across it to add a bit of interest to the design. Not only does it create a more comfortable, secure fit, it also protects the delicate mesh fabric from tearing.

Use the Spigen Ultra Hybrid PRO to prevent headphone scratches

The AirPods Max boasts a minimalist design and it would be a real shame if the ear cups became chipped, scratched, or scuffed up. If you want to protect your investment at all times, attach the Spigen Ultra Hybrid PRO to each AirPods Max ear cup.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid PRO

These transparent protectors are resistant to discoloration and can remain on the AirPods Max as you use them. You can even keep it on when you sheathe the AirPods Max in the Smart Case. Spigen’s protectors include cutouts around the Digital Crown and Noise Control button. The pieces snap on and off the AirPods Max and have a slightly glossy finish.

Charge your AirPods Max anywhere with the Anker PowerCore Slim

Anker has its hand in just about everything but it’s well-regarded in the portable power bank space. This is the AirPods Max accessory to get if you’re constantly out and about, and don’t want to worry about charging the headset.

Anker PowerCore Slim

The PowerCore Slim has a 10,000mAh capacity and features microUSB and USB-C inputs. You can use it to charge more than just your headphones: it can charge any portable device like a smartphone or tablet. Anker’s 11-point safety system keeps you and your devices safe while charging, and it even optimizes charging for low-power accessories like true wireless earbuds cases and standard wireless earbuds.

However, there is only a single USB-A output, so to charge the AirPods Max you either need a Lightning to USB-A cable or a USB-C to USB-A adapter.

Enjoy high-resolution audio with the Apple Lightning to 3.5mm audio cable

There’s not much to say about the proprietary Lightning to 3.5mm audio cable. The Lightning end plugs into the AirPods Max and the 3.5mm plug goes into your device. Why would you want another cable in your life? It lets you get the most out of high-resolution music streaming services like Qobuz and Amazon Music HD.

Apple Lightning to 3.5mm audio cable

If you’re using the AirPods Max in wired mode with a new iPhone, you’ll also need to pick up a 3.5mm to Lightning dongle adapter. Yes, this is an unnecessary mess of cables and dongles, and it’s all Apple’s fault.

Best AirPods Max accessories: notable mentions

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