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Wren has a new V5US wireless speaker and it connects in every way

If you want a home speaker that connects via Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Play-Fi all in one device, Wren has you covered.

Published onApril 16, 2015


Do we really need another Bluetooth speaker? What about another Play-Fi or AirPlay speaker? Okay, but what if it did all of the above? Wren has announced a new wireless speaker that combines all of those into one device. Previously, Wren had separate models of their V5 series of speakers that each specialized in a different technology. The V5BT (Bluetooth), V5PF (Play-Fi), and the V5AP (AirPlay). We even reviewed the Play-Fi one a while back. However, this one takes all those connectivity technologies and packs them into one device: the Wren V5US wireless speaker.

Being a V5 model it maintains a similar (if not identical) aesthetic to the previous models, except for the use of different kind of woods for the finish. Rather than bamboo and rosewood, the new V5US uses anigre and wenge wood for its solid resonance enclosures. As far as connectivity goes, it can basically connect to anything you throw at it. Bluetooth up to 30 feet, Play-Fi and AirPlay up to 150 feet, and it even has a 3.5mm input for older devices or iPods. Basically, everyone in the house is sure to have at least one device that can connect to it in order to play music.

Being Wi-fi compatible gives you the ability to connect up to eight speakers together and get a seamless music experience throughout the house. An aptX decoder even allows for high quality audio files to be streamed assuming you have those files on your device. Similar to the rest of the V5 models there are also four physical buttons on the side to control power, volume up and volume down, and the source.

Another big difference between the new V5US and the previous versions is the price. The V5US can be yours for $499, which is $100 more expensive than any of the other models. Then again, seeing as this is all of those other speakers combined into one the price difference kind of makes sense. If you want one or if you want eight, the speaker comes in two colors: Almond Creme Anigre and Espresso Wenge.

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