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V-Moda Forza line of in-ear headphones are made for the fitness crowd

V-Moda has launched three new in-ear headphones under its new V-Moda Forza line, all of which are made for fitness customers.

Published onNovember 3, 2016


V-Moda is expanding its lineup of headphones with its new V-Moda Forza series. The launch lineup includes three in-ear headphones that have been made for fitness customers who don’t want to deal with regular in-ear devices popping out while they hit the gym or go on a run.

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Two of the three new V-Moda Forza headphones, the Forza Sport Hybrid and Forza Metallo, are wired. Both also have 5.8mm drivers and three button remotes, along with a number of different plugs, hooks and fins so that customers can get the exact fit inside their ear. Both are also on sale right now, with the Forza Sport Hybrid selling for $100 and the Forza Metallo costing $130. The biggest difference between the two headphones is that the Forza Sport Hybrid uses plastic for its housing, while the Forza Metallo has an aluminum housing, along with a Kevlar cable.

The third model in the line is the $170 Forza Metallo wireless headphones. They are supposed to have up to 10 hours of battery life. The headphones are supposed to go on sale in December. V-Moda is also offering the option to get custom 3D printed caps for the Forza headphones. Prices range from between $20 to $40 for plastic all the way up to a whopping $7,500 if you want them in platinum.

Will you be checking out these new fitness-themed V-Moda Forza headphones?

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