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The Urbanears Sumpan earbuds are the company's first new product since 2013

The Urbanears Sumpan - the company's first product since 2013's Kransen - have a lot of handy features and are available in a bunch of colors for just $35.

Published onNovember 10, 2015


Here at Sound Guys we get a lot of requests to review different products, but a few names show up more than others, with Urbanears being one of them. The only problem is that we tend to review products as they’re released or shortly afterward, and Urbanears hasn’t released a new product since the Kransen in 2013.

Until now, anyway. Today Urbanears announced the Sumpan, a new set of earbuds that tones down the flash so prominent in many of today’s headphones for a more minimalist approach. These are true earbuds in that they’re meant to sit in your ear rather than create a seal in your ear canal, so if you find standard in-ears uncomfortable, the Sumpan may be worth a look.

The Sumpan have a number of handy features built in. A hook-shaped design allows the earbuds to clasp together behind your neck when not in use, and the CableLoop means you won’t have to untangle the Sumpan every time you retrieve them from your pocket.

The built-in mic and remote is a single-button clicker style, so while you won’t have access to volume controls, there should be no worry about whether it will work with your mobile device of choice. The fabric and TPE cable is reinforced with Kevlar, meaning the Sumpan should last you a while.

As we’ve seen from Urbanears before, the Sumpan will be available in a variety of colors suited to the autumn and winter, including bonfire orange, flint blue and sea grey, and there are seven more color varieties available as well.

Considering the Urbanears Sumpan retail for $35, it seems like there’s a lot to like here for not all that much money. For more information, see the Urbanears website.