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Urbanears announce Spring colors and buy one, get one sale

With Spring right around the corner, Urbanears launch 3 new colors to match the season. They also have a buy one, get one sale on their older color options.

Published onFebruary 16, 2015


If you’re as sick of winter as I am, it might do you some good to be reminded that Spring is almost here. Urbanears has done this by launching three new colors options their headphones: Jam, Chick, and Mint. The three new colors are part of their Spring/Summer 2015 collection and sound more like ice cream flavors than headphones, but definitely add some brightness to the list of colors you can choose from.

The goal of Urbanears has always been to make affordable headphones that sound good and complement the style of the individual wearer. The new colors do just that but are only available on five of their products. These include the classic Platton ADV, Zinken DJ headphones, Kransen in-ear headphones, Bagis in-ear headphones, and the Humlan on-ear headphones.

The Platton ADV have a Bluetooth upgrade that are supposed to be released this summer, presumably with the same color options. However, the wired options available now are only USD $59 and come with a washable headband and in-line mic. The Zinken DJ headphones have slightly larger ear cups that are supposed to help block outside noise and available for USD $99.90. The Kransen in-ear headphones are all about portability and have two nifty features to help prevent tangled cables while on-the-go. One of them is called “Snapconstruction” which enables the two ear pieces to literally snap together when they are not being used. The other is their patent-pending “cable loop” which is a small plastic piece attached to the cable that allows the 3.5 mm jack to be held in place after the headphones have been wrapped up. These are available for USD $39. The Bagis earbuds also have the snap construction feature but not the cable loop and can be found for five dollars cheaper at USD $34.90. Then there are the classic Humlan on-ear headphones which have an in-line mic and washable headband as well. These are available for USD $49.

If the new colors aren’t your thing, Urbanears are also cleaning out their stock and having a buy one get one sale on the older color options. Make sure you get yours since they’re already selling out of some of the more popular colors.

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