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Treks Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones: A different take on bone conduction headphones

When the user must be aware of immediate surroundings, bone conduction technology comes in. Enter The Treks Titanium Headphones: Bone Conduction Improved?
August 25, 2015
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Bone conduction technology has been around for quite a bit. It’s definitely not as commonplace as traditional methods found in the majority of peripherals today, but bone conduction definitely serves its purpose, but it’s a bit underutilized. There are just objectively more peripherals that utilize traditional methods. Don’t get me wrong, bone conduction technology is excellent. As painful as it actually sounds, the premise of bone conduction is to deliver sound directly to your jawbone or a region near the ears in order to transfer sound. Objectively, bone conduction isn’t superior to traditional methods, but bone conduction is useful in applications where the user must be aware of the immediate surroundings while listening to audio stream through their peripherals. With that being said, The Treks are a pair of bone conduction headphones that are crowdfunded via IndieGoGo

Treks Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones


As said before, the main advantage of bone conduction technology is the fact that you can listen to your immediate surroundings and your media at the same time. Aftershoks takes this and makes it clear that there is one purpose of the Treks Titanium: Comfortable listening while being safe. It’s right in the first paragraph of their IndieGoGo campaign and has one recurring phrase throughout: No compromises. Other than Bluetooth connectivity, the Treks Titanium headphones feature IP55 certification, dual noise cancelling microphones, and Audrey Says, a proprietary voice prompt AI. As far as design, the Treks Titanium headphones feature a lightweight design specifically for comfort and safety. Aftershoks claims that the headphones will have 6 hours of battery life.

Now, there have been problems with bone conduction in the past, such as low bass and sound leakage. Aftershoks includes PremiumPitch+ technology to improve bass. Additionally, LeakSlayer is being utilized to reduce sound leakage.

With most Bluetooth peripherals, there are some buttons that can streamline smartphone integration. There’s playback toggle that allows the user to pause and play music, skip tracks, and adjust volume. There’s also a toggle to take phone calls as well. This is pretty standard, but the user can also check the battery life, and equalizer settings.

There’s quite a bit of time left in the campaign, but if you feel like backing this, visit their IndieGoGo campaign. They’re already fully funded and then some, but you can still pick up a unit for $99 as a reward on one of their reward tiers.