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The Divoom Aurabox is a Bluetooth speaker/LED light board

If you want to put on a lightship while you listen to music, check out this cool Bluetooth speaker called the Divoom Aurabox.

Published onAugust 7, 2015


It features Bluetooth 4.0 for smooth streaming, a 3” passive radiator, and a 3” full range driver that’s custom tuned to squeeze a little more bass out of it since the frequency range starts off at only 60Hz and goes up to 20kHz. Besides just being a speaker, it also has a panel of square LED lights in the front that have multiple purposes. For one, they can display any notifications you may get be it an incoming call, a new text message, or a Facebook notification by showing the icon on the display. If that’s not enough for you there’s also a setting that will allow it to react to the music that’s being played and display an EQ on the front instead.

Did you ever wonder what it’d be like to have a Bluetooth speaker with LED lights that can display your pixel art? Me neither, but now that it’s possible I have to admit I’m curious. Divoom has announced the Aurabox, a small Bluetooth speaker that can display whatever you can create in the accompanying app and then some.


But hey, you’re a creative type right? Assuming you want complete control over your little device (because let’s be honest who doesn’t), you can customize what you want the LED lights to display by using the free app that’s available on both iOS and Android. In it you can draw whatever you want and send it to the speaker to be displayed. Though at first it might seem a little gimmicky, there are some pretty cool real world uses for this.


For example, you can keep it at the front of your shop window and have it display any new sales going on. Or you can use it to display romantic messages when setting the mood for a romantic evening. Another use case is to make it your alarm clock and have it display the time or temperature since it has a built-in intelligent alarm and even sensors for detecting the ambient temperature. The sky’s the limit.

Up top are some control buttons that will help you control music playback and also switch between light effects. Unfortunately the 2000 mAh battery has a super long charging time of 3-4 hours and you’ll only get about 6 hours of constant playback out of it. That said, if you consider the fact that the Aurabox is not only a speaker but doubles as an LED light board then it’s a little more understandable. If this looks like the speaker for you then the Divoom Aurabox is available for $70 via Amazon.

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