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The SuperStar BackFloat is Monsters new waterproof speaker

Monster seems to be gearing up for summer with the release of their new waterproof Bluetooth speaker that floats dubbed the SuperStar BackFloat.

Published onMay 4, 2015


With beach season finally coming around (at least here in New York), waterproof speakers are sure to be this summer’s coolest piece of tech. Monster seems to be well aware of this as they have announced their entry into the waterproof speaker game with the SuperStar BackFloat Bluetooth speaker.

The speaker has a silicon shockproof casing that also protects it from any unforeseen water voyages by allowing it to float. The SuperStar BackFloat can connect to the source device via a 3.5mm auxiliary cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth for up to 10 meters. It also has a rechargeable battery that Monster claims will give you roughly seven hours of battery life. This isn’t the best battery life we’ve seen in a speaker but I doubt that anyone will be staying in a pool for seven hours straight, so considering it’s intended use that seems like enough juice.

As far as the audio goes the speaker does have two full-range drivers to go along with two bass radiators, but sound quality will probably take a hit since the speakers are sealed in to make it completely waterproof. That said, it’s not an entirely uncommon trade-off when it comes to these types of rugged speakers and if you’re the type to abuse the “waterproof” part of the speaker then it’s well worth it. Up top are four physical buttons: two of them for controlling volume and the other two for Bluetooth syncing and power. It also has a built-in microphone so you can keep your phone well away from water and still take phone calls.

The SuperStar BackFloat is available in two colors: neon blue or neon green for $149. If you plan to adventure this summer, both color options come with an acoustically transparent carrying case so you can bring your music with you.

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