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Trueplay lets you put your Sonos speaker anywhere without worrying about the sound

Worrying about where to put your Sonos speaker and whether it will sound good? With the new Trueplay update, the Sonos app takes care of that for you.

Published onNovember 10, 2015

Using your iOS device, you can calibrate the speakers to the room with the app.

Look around you. What do you see? No matter what it is — walls, furniture, even open space — it all affects sound. Where you place a speaker has a dramatic effect on how it sounds, and if you’re looking to balance great sound with feng shui, you’re probably going to have to compromise.

Sonos owners are getting a new option, however, in the form of a free software update by the name of Trueplay. All you need is the Sonos app for your iPhone or iPad and around 60 seconds of your time, and Trueplay will measure and analyze the acoustic profile of your room, automatically tuning your Sonos speaker to sound the best it can, no matter where it is.

“Trueplay is a major step in Sonos’ mission to bring music fans a great experience at home without compromises. And we believe a great experience is one that also stays current,” Sonos chief product officer Mark Whitten said. “The original PLAY:5 now features Trueplay, so a speaker that was released more than six years ago is going to have its best year yet, even as we’ve begun selling its successor.”

The PLAY:5 isn’t the only speaker getting the Trueplay update. The Sonos PLAY:1 and PLAY:3 are Trueplay-compatible, as is the new version of the PLAY:5. Sonos says that Trueplay will be available for more speakers in the company’s lineup as time rolls on.

If you’ve set up a home theatre system in recent years, this will probably sound familiar, albeit without the need for a special microphone. The Sonos app will even let you know if you’ve moved your iPhone too fast and obscured the measurement.

For more info on Trueplay, check out the lengthy blog post from Sonos’ Michael Papish on the company’s website.

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