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Sennheiser announces new Accentum wireless headphones

Sennheiser's Accentum headphones are like a more affordable version of the Momentum 4.

Published onSeptember 25, 2023

Senn Accentum Wireless
  • Sennheiser is launching a new line of wireless headphones.
  • The Accentum is billed as a more affordable version of its Momentum headphones.
  • The Accentum will be available for pre-order on September 26 for $179.99.

Sennheiser doesn’t launch new products quite as often as its competitors, but it does have something to announce today. The audio brand is launching a new line of wireless headphones called the Accentum, which the company says shares much of its DNA with the Momentum 4. Here’s everything you need to know about Sennheiser’s Accentum wireless cans.


Since the Accentum is made to be like a more affordable version of the Momentum 4, the two have a lot in common in terms of design. However, that also means that the Accentum takes a few costing measures. For example, the most notable difference is in the band. Instead of the cloth material found on the Momentum 4, the headband uses hard plastic.

Despite the cheaper build, the Accentum should still be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The headband and cups have padding that the company says conforms to the wearer’s shape.

Another cost-cutting area appears to be the controls. Where the Momentum 4 offers touch gestures for controlling playback and calls, the touch gestures are absent in the Accentum. Users will instead use the four-button layout located at the bottom of the left cup. However, this will be paired with Sennheiser’s optional companion smartphone app.

In addition, the Accentum features 37mm dynamic transducers. Sennheiser claims that it’s capable of delivering “outstanding bass performance and striking clarity.”


When it comes to active noise canceling (ANC), the Momentum 4 left something to be desired with its middling ANC. The Accentum similarly use hybrid ANC, which uses microphones on both the outside and inside of the headphones to cancel out sound. It’s too early to tell if the ANC was improved for these headphones. However, Sennheiser says, “the acoustics have been optimized for broad ANC performance, dramatically reducing cacophony from the outside world,” through the combination of passive isolation and covert microphones.

Those microphones will also help to reduce wind noise during calls through the Accentum’s wind-reduction mode. This should help to keep calls clear with minimal distraction. Sennheiser’s new headphones also support Bluetooth 5.2, which will also offer multipoint support. Meaning you can switch from one connection to another without having to re-pair devices. This would make it easy to swap from your VoIP call on the computer, back to your phone if you wanted to listen to music or a podcast.

Additionally, supports the aptX HD codec, which should help with sound quality and stability. It also supports AAC and SBC codecs.


Another notable feature is the length of the battery life. Sennheiser didn’t sacrifice much between these cans and the Momentum 4. The Accentum get about 50 hours, which is six less hours of battery life compared to the Momentum. That’s still a lot of time for playback and calls. If you need to charge up quick, Sennheiser states its headphones can gain five more hours of life with just 10 minutes of charging.

You charge the Accentum with a USB-C cable that comes included in the box. But you’ll be able to do more than just charge up the battery. The USB-C cable can also be used to turn the Accentum into wired headphones, you just have to plug it into a USB-C supported device.

Price and availability

Senn Accentum

Sennheiser’s new headphones will be available at select retailers and on, with pre-orders starting on September 26 for $179.99 ($249.95 CAD). They will be available in two color options: black and white with sandstone accents. The black version will arrive on October 4, but the white version won’t start shipping until late November.

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