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The new RHA T20 in-ears are coming this summer

If you were thinking of purchasing the T10's by RHA, hold out for now as the new RHA T20 in-ear headphones are coming this summer.

Published onMay 8, 2015


Last year RHA released a pair of in-ear headphones that came with interchangeable filters that allowed the listener to fine tune the sound to their liking. They were the T10 and T10i in-ears and they sounded great, but that was last year. What about this year? Enter the RHA T20 in-ear headphones.

While the RHA T20’s look similar to the previous generation, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. They have a brand spanking new DualCoil driver that’s made of two independent coils, a magnet, and a special diaphragm. One of the coils is designed specifically to bring out the best possible sound for the treble and upper-mid range frequencies while the second coil is dedicated to the lower-mids and bass. They also have an audio cable that is roughly 1.3m in length and made out of oxygen-free copper to help minimize corrosion over time. Add that to the stainless steel housing and metal injection moulding that was carried over from the T10 in-ears, and it’s clear that RHA made these to last.

Even though the driver has changed, RHA stayed true to the feature that made their previous model such a success: the custom tuning filters. In our full review of the T10’s we were surprised at how well the filters actually worked, especially when you wanted to squeeze a little more juice out of your low-end without forcefully pushing the mids and highs out of the way. The three custom tuning filters (reference, bass, and treble) will come stock in the box with the T20’s giving you the power to experiment with them and see which one suits you best.

RHA T20freq range

Though specs aren’t everything when it comes to sound quality, the T20’s definitely have some impressive ones. They have a sensitivity of 90dB and a frequency range of 16Hz – 40kHz allowing them to produce sounds that humans can’t physically hear, but who cares it’s still really cool.

Besides getting a solid pair of in-ears, the T20’s also come with loads of accessories. Along with the tuning filters you’ll get six pairs of standard ear tips, two pairs of double flange ear tips, two pairs of memory foam ear tips, an ear tip holder (so you’re not drowning in ear tips), and a carrying case for the headphones. Though there’s no word yet on pricing, RHA plans to make them available this summer so if your interest is peaked definitely check back here for updates.

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