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The redesigned Sonos app now offers all your content on one screen

Sonos is aiming to offer a more convenient streaming experience via its app.

Published onApril 23, 2024

Hadlee Simons / SoundGuys
  • Sonos has announced a redesigned Sonos app and web app.
  • The app now offers multiple streaming services and your favorite content on one home screen.
  • Expect the updated app and web UI to go live from May 7.

The Sonos app is a must if you want greater control over your Sonos speakers. Now, the company has peeled the curtain back on a redesigned app experience that brings all your content into one area.

Sonos previously offered quick access to roughly 100 streaming services via its app. But it’s now building on this one-stop-shop approach by offering all your favorite content from various services on one home screen. Check out a few screenshots below.

The new home screen also lets you pin content from various services. But you can also pin specific services if you’re a fan of a given platform. Furthermore, you’re free to rearrange the content/services as you see fit on this screen.

Sonos also said the overhauled app now lets you search for content across various services at once via the search bar. That means you don’t need to repeat the same search across each streaming service.

The redesigned Sonos app will be available to smartphone and web users from May 7. So you’ve still got a while to wait until you can get your hands on this updated experience. 

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