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Episode 001

The MP3 Revolution

The .MP3 is arguably one of the most important innovations in digital media. Without MP3s we don’t have iPods, Podcasts, or P2P file sharing. The smartphone looks completely different today if not for the MP3 format. And it all started with a woman in a diner waiting for a cup of coffee.

Join us on the SoundGuys Podcast as we explore the history of the MP3, and discover how the MP3 turned not one, but two entire industries on their heads with the creation of a new file format.

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Episode 002

Smart speakers

Smart Speakers are taking the world by storm, but is that opening up new, legal cans of worms that we’re not prepared to deal with? What happens when your entire life is recorded from within the sanctity of your home? Do you have a reasonable expectation of privacy when your every word is recorded, transcribed and stored? Does this create a constitutional crisis?

Join us on the SoundGuys Podcast as we explore this phenomenon that is seemingly innocuous, but actually potentially sinister. Are you safe in your own home, once you invite Alexa in?

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Episode 003

The State of Smartphone Audio

If you listen to music today, chances are you’re doing it on a smartphone. So, we decided to take a look at smartphone audio and see where it is today. There have been some polarizing changes made to the medium in the last few years – do the changes matter? Can an audiophile still get a great experience even if a smartphone lacks a headphone jack?

Come with us as we explore wired and wireless audio coming from the most important gadget you own, how it’s working today, and how it will be working, tomorrow.

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