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The OV headset includes support for the Amazon Alexa digital assistant

A company called ONVOCAL has officially announced its OV headset, which includes support for the Amazon Alexa digital assistant.

Published onDecember 15, 2016

Being able to interact with digital assistants is becoming a growing trend in tech products like smartphones and speakers. A company called ONVOCAL has officially announced its first product, the OV headset. It is the first such product that directly supports one of the biggest names in the young digital assistant game, Amazon Alexa.

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While the OV headset can also work with Apple’s Siri for the iPhone and Google Assistant for Android, its stand out feature is its built-in support for both Alexa as well as Amazon’s music services. Owners will be able to press a button to access all of the over 5,000 Alexa skills that are currently available, and listen to songs from Amazon. Users can order a pizza, call a shared car ride and much more with the OV’s Alexa features.

Besides Amazon Alexa, the OV headset features Ambient, Voice and Chat sound controls that will give owners a lot more control over the sound quality coming from the headphones. The headset will also feature some background noise removal for making phone calls through the use of two beam-forming microphones.

The OV headset is currently available for pre-order at the ONVOCAL site for the price of $399. The first pre-orders are expected to start shipping on January 10 in limited quantities, with more shipments expected later in the month.

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