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Audiophiles rejoice: Moondrop is making a 5G Hi-Fi phone

The Moondrop Miad 01 will be the company's first attempt at a phone.

Published onFebruary 5, 2024

  • Audio electronics maker Moondrop is teasing a new device.
  • The company describes the device as a 5G Hi-Fi mobile audio device.
  • The teaser can be found on Moondrop’s website under the category Phone.

It’s not uncommon for audio equipment makers to branch out a bit. In fact, a great example is Sonos, which is preparing to launch its first headphones later this year. What’s not so common, however, is expanding into a completely different industry like Moondrop will be doing with the launch of its next device.

If you’re an audiophile, you may have heard of Moondrop or even used one of its products. While the company is best known for its IEMs like the Aria, Chu and Chu II, it appears the firm will be trying its hand at the phone industry next.

On the company’s website, there’s a new “Phone” category listed at the top of the page. When clicked on, you’ll be taken to a page for the Moondrop phone. This new Moondrop phone appears to be called the Miad 01 and is described as a 5G Hi-Fi mobile audio device. We’re not sure what they mean, but underneath the description reads, “Explore the integration of art and reason.”

Outside of those details, there’s not really any other information to go on at the moment. The page says “Coming Soon,” but doesn’t provide a launch date or even a launch window.

It will be interesting to see what this device will look like, given the eccentric designs of the company’s other products. However, it will be even more interesting to see what this Hi-Fi phone is capable of.

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