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Meet your new AI sports trainer: Mojawa's HaptiFit Terra

How does having an AI assistant in your headset sound for your next workout?

Published onJanuary 8, 2024

  • Mojawa debuts the HaptiFit Terra at CES 2024, a new bone conduction headphone set that doubles as a smart sports device, featuring haptic technology and an AI Sports Trainer.
  • Made for athletes, it offers real-time performance tracking and dynamic interaction during workouts for runners, swimmers, and cyclists.
  • Available for pre-sale at $199.99 and retailing in March 2024 for $299.99.

Mojawa introduces the HaptiFit Terra at CES 2024, bringing a first-of-its-kind bone conduction headphones to the sports tech landscape that blends haptic feedback and AI-driven training into a sleek headset that should assist athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

The HaptiFit Terra provides real-time data on workout metrics and vitals and incorporates a dynamic audio-haptic interaction that keeps athletes engaged and informed. The device’s durable and lightweight titanium alloy frame and an IP68 waterproof rating are designed to withstand rigorous workout sessions and environments.

A few highlight features of the HaptiFit Terra include:

  • Bone Conduction Listening: Delivers high-quality sound directly through the bones, allowing users to stay alert to their surroundings.
  • Haptic Controls: Intuitive 3D pressure-sensitive controls provide easy navigation and feedback during workouts.
  • Safety Lights: Features adjustable glow lights for visibility and safety.
  • Music Storage & Extended Battery: Comes with 32GB of internal storage for music and offers an impressive eight hours of battery life.
  • Companion App: The app tracks progress post-workout and allows for music control, social sharing, and access to adaptive exercise plans.

The HaptiFit Terra, described by Mojawa CEO Robin Cao, aims to provide a complete, integrated training solution that supports athletes with motivational music and actionable AI-generated insights.

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