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How to replace your Samsung Galaxy Buds earbuds

Replace your lost Galaxy Bud and get back to stereo audio bliss.

Published onJanuary 20, 2024

Losing a single bud from your earbud pair can be frustrating. You lose features like stereo audio, ambient sound, and active noise cancellation. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. In this article, we’ll explain how to get a Samsung Galaxy Buds replacement earbud if one of yours gets missing or damaged.


Schedule an appointment with an authorized Samsung service center by calling 1800-4252997, explore third-party sites like eBay for individuals selling their leftover buds, or visit the Re-Cell Exchange website to find matching models and colors.


Do Galaxy Buds come with a warranty?

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro sit on a shelf next to a Google Pixel 4a with the Samsung Wearables app open on it.
The Galaxy Wearable app is easy to use and makes customizing your experience a breeze.

Most earbud manufacturers have warranties for their devices that cover certain kinds of damage. Samsung is no exception.

Samsung’s earbuds come with a one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects under normal use. It doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, battery issues, accidents, misuse, or environmental damage. And you void the warranty altogether if you repair the devices at an unauthorized location or modify them.

For a single payment of anywhere between $39 and $199, you can get extended protection for 24 months with Samsung Care+. It covers unlimited repairs, drops and spills, mechanical breakdowns, and 24/7 support with the option of next-business-day replacements.

For a lesser amount of $19 to $89, you can get the lower Samsung Care+ Essentials package for mechanical breakdowns and 24/7 support. Note that neither Care+ nor Care+ Essentials covers lost or missing buds.

The exact amount you pay depends on the category your device falls into. Both plans have four pricing tiers — 1 being the lowest and 4 the highest, but the coverage is the same. Samsung’s website has more information.

How to replace your Galaxy Buds earbuds

A hand reaches to remove one Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 noise canceling true wireless 2 earbud from the case.
Lily Katz / SoundGuys
Samsung added 360 Audio to the Galaxy Buds 2, which is compatible with video content.

If you lose or damage one of your Galaxy Buds, you can replace it in different ways. Samsung recommends placing a call on 1800-4252997 (1800 GALAXY S) to schedule an appointment before going to an authorized service center.

Another option is to visit sites like eBay, where you may find other individuals selling single earbuds or cases for cheap. The downside to this is that you may not find a matching color and the quality of the device would depend on how much the original owner used them.


How to pair replacement Galaxy Bud earbuds

A picture of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus earbuds on top of the Galaxy S10e smartphone in flamingo pink.
Wingtips on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus ensure a snug fit.

Unlike your original earbuds which work in sync out of the box, the new pair (the original that was left and the Galaxy Buds replacement earbud) don’t work together even after putting them in the same case. You need to couple them first. Follow these steps:

  1. Insert the original and replacement earbuds into their respective slots in the charging case.
  2. Long-press the touch areas on both earbuds for 7 seconds or more at the same time. The charging case’s indicator light will flash green and return to the initial color to signify that they’re coupled.
  3. Reconnect the Galaxy Buds to your devices.

If the charging case indicator keeps flashing red, the earbuds are not coupled properly. Remove them from the case, insert them again, and repeat the process.

Note that the earbuds that the coupling process only works for earbuds of the same model and of opposite sides. For example, you can pair an original right bud with a new left bud of the Samsung Galaxy buds FE.

If you use the Galaxy Wearable app and had the Block touches feature enabled on the original earbuds, the coupling process may fail. To disable Block touches:

  1. Launch the Galaxy Wearable app.
  2. Flip the switch beside Block touches to disable it.


If your lost Galaxy Buds remain connected to your phone, they’re within the 10-meter (about 32 feet) Bluetooth range. You can locate them with the Galaxy Wearable app. Here’s how:

  1. Launch the Galaxy Wearable app.
  2. Navigate to Find My Earbuds.
  3. Tap the Start button. The earbuds will beep for about 3 minutes, with the sound gradually getting louder. If you find one of the buds, you can selectively ring the other one to locate it.
  4. Tap Stop to end the search.

Note that the earbud(s) will show as disconnected if you go out of Bluetooth range or the battery dies. You won’t be able to locate them if that happens.

If the earbuds are not connected to your phone, the find earbuds feature will open the SmartThings app (on a Samsung phone) and try to approximate their last-known location. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open Galaxy Wearable.
  2. Go to Find My Earbuds. This will launch the SmartThings app.
  3. Tap More > Navigate to open Google Maps and see directions to where your earbuds were last connected.
  4. Once at the location, tap Search Nearby to tune the range finder.

Samsung Galaxy Buds have replaceable batteries. Most models are easy to open, after which you can bring out the inner pink shell housing all the hardware components. However, depending on the model, the batteries may be soldered to connectors, making them a tad bit difficult to remove.

You can replace Galaxy Bud tips and wings on any model pretty easily.

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