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Focal Listen Wireless Chic: A splash of color

The Listen Wireless line grows with the arrival of three new colors: olive, purple, and blue

Published onMarch 28, 2018

The Focal Listen Wireless Chic headphones in a neat pile together.

Focal revamps its line of Listen Wireless headphones with a splash of color. The Listen Wireless Chic springs forward with three new colors, olive, purple, and blue. Though the headphones are adorned with a stylish look, they maintain the same technical specifications as their predecessor.

During our colour research, our intention was to follow current trends. The headphones now stand out through their style but still maintain Focal sound quality! —Focal Marketing Product Team

The company manufactures the Focal Clear, a serious pair of open-back headphones but seeks to lighten up your listening with the soft and expressive colorways for those who want to merge style with audio. The Listen Wireless Chic headphones serve as a lifestyle choice for listeners, providing premium audio and style. A non-conductive metal finish on the ear cups creates an iridescent look.

An angled shot of the Listen Wireless Chic, closed-back heapdhones in purple on a white background.
aptX compatibility means that latency is virtually imperceptible, making video streaming a frustration-free process.

Focal’s Listen Wireless Chic headphones are outfitted with Bluetooth 4.1 and are aptX compatible. Crack open the ear cups, and listeners will be met with 40 mm titanium/mylar drivers, which the company asserts has a high level of isolation provided by the closed-back design and the dampening ear cushions. Not only are the cushions great for insulating the listener from ambient noise, but they’re also thermo-sensitive memory foam and offer optimal comfort.

An angled shot of the Listen Wireless Chic, closed-back heapdhones in blue on a white background.
The Listen Wireless Chic are for transient music lovers who care about style.

The Listen Wireless Chic also offer a dual “Clear Voice Capture” microphone system to improve voice quality during conversations. Battery life is reported to last for 20 hours of playback, so listeners can freely venture anywhere without worrying about charging the headphones.


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