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Denon and Rdio Partnered to "Reach around the World"

With Denon's reputable peripherals and Rdio's mission to bring more music to more people, they have banded together to give us HEOS.

Published onJuly 25, 2015


Denon: A world leader in audio peripherals from headphones to AV systems. Rdio: One of the world’s largest licensed music services in over 85 countries. With Denon’s reputable peripherals and Rdio’s mission to bring more music to more people, they have banded together to give us HEOS.

HEOS is a streaming service powered by Rdio in the form of an app and also consists of wireless multi-room speakers through DENON. The app will be available across all major platforms including iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. With that much platform compatibility, the HEOS app allows users to easily access Rdio and enables you to not only listen to whatever music you want, but as HEOS also enables the user to get that music wherever the would want with compact and elegantly designed speakers and amplifiers.

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This duo is clearly a force to be reckoned with. Denon and Rdio check all the boxes on paper. In concept, Denon and Rdio have something really valuable here. Even though this partnership started two days ago, Denon and Rdio can already see their concept bear fruit. In fact, our review of the HEOS 1 is already up with not too much bad to say about it. The only real faults with the HEOS 1 is the battery life and its portability and that’s not a bad start at all. And I digress, but the fact still stands that this is more than a great concept because it’s already showing promise two days in.


As long as Denon keeps pushing out better HEOS peripherals, or better peripherals, even, and Rdio keeps pushing out music for the masses, the odds are in their favor to take the world over with music.