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Creative Labs adds two new pairs of in-ears to their Aurvana line

Creative Labs has upgraded their In-Ear 2 headphones to the In-Ear2 Plus and also added the all new In-Ear3 Plus to their line of Aurvana headphones.

Published onMarch 19, 2015

Creative Labs has been busy lately as they announce two new pairs of in-ear headphones to go along with their Bluetooth speaker the Roar Sound Blaster 2. The new buds are part of their Aurvana line and are called the Aurvana in-Ear2 Plus and in-Ear3 Plus. These are made with a particular emphasis on travel so both pairs promise solid noise-isolation and minimal sound leakage when used.

Aurvana In-Ear2 Plus

In-Ear2 Plus

First up are the new and improved In-Ear2 Plus headphones. These are an upgrade to the older In-Ear2’s and come with many of the same features. What remains are the balanced armature drivers that give a 15Hz – 16kHz frequency range for a heavier low-end and the standard plastic 1.2m audio cable. Creative also kept the same shape to the earbuds, claiming that up to 95% of outside noise is blocked. If you usually have trouble getting ear buds to fit don’t worry, these come with three different sizes so chances are one of them has to fit decent enough.

Along with the extra ear tips you also get a cleaning tool, airline adapter, and a travel pouch. The only noticeable change lies in the newly added in-line mic and volume controls. The In-Ear2 Plus headphones cost $129 and seem like a solid upgrade from the pair that came with your phone.

Aurvana In-Ear3 Plus

In-Ear3 Plus

At first glance you might think that the In-Ear3 Plus headphones are the more premium of the two, and you’d be right. These are the newest pair of headphones from Creative and come with a slightly beefier spec sheet to prove it. For starters, the balanced armature drivers have been upgraded to include a woofer and passive crossover in each bud. Frequency range also gets slightly broader as the In-Ear3’s cover between 10Hz – 17kHz and Creative says noise isolation gets a bump up as well to around 98%.

With everything changing on the inside, Creative also mixed up the design of the buds as well. The audio cable is slightly longer at 1.3m (around 3 inches) and is covered in a much more aesthetically pleasing braided nylon instead of plastic. They also come with an in-line mic and volume controls for all of you who still use your phone as an actual phone. The shape of the buds were also changed to an L-shape and are now worn over the ear for a more secure fit. That said, the In-Ear3’s are not water proof or even sweat resistant so if you’re looking for a pair to take to the gym you might have to look elsewhere.

The In-Ear3 headphones are available for $199 and if purchased directly through Creative Labs, it comes with a free Bluetooth speaker called the Woof. Pretty sweet deal for the price.