Lily Katz

Lily serves as audio editor for Android Authority and gets her cardio in by running to catch the CTA.

Lily's Posts

What makes a great pair of running headphones?

We runners endure, so why shouldn't our earbuds?
by Lily Katz15 hours ago

Best running headphones

If you're wondering what the best running headphones are, we have a suggestion: ditch the wires.
by Lily Katz17 hours ago8
Bluetooth Headphones

BeatsX review: Earbuds for every day

Aside from touting a stylish design, the BeatsX are easy to use and provide stable, reliable connectivity.
by Lily Katz1 day ago

Everything you need to record people

Plan ahead for your environment and bring the right equipment.
by Lily Katz1 day ago

Best earbuds for running

Keeping things wireless keeps running easier.
by Lily Katz2 days ago

Best kids headphones

Safe listening can be fun, too.
by Lily Katz2 days ago3

Best headphones from Best Buy

The best buys from Best Buy.
by Lily Katz3 days ago

Best iPhone earbuds

There's more than just AirPods.
by Lily Katz6 days ago

Best mics for YouTube

No matter your channel topic, there’s a mic for you.
by Lily Katz6 days ago

Best podcasting mics

With a slew of options out there, take a peek at our hand-picked list of the best podcasting mics on the market.
by Lily Katz1 week ago
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