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David Imel

David has an obsessive personality and is especially excited by cameras, computer hardware, and podcasts. You can find him nested in a cafe in San Francisco most days and he will likely rant to you about whatever he's into that particular month.

David's Posts
by David ImelJanuary 30, 2018

Master & Dynamic, tattoo artist Scott Campbell to launch limited edition headphones

The special edition MW60 and MW40 headphones will include the signature snake designs from Scott Campbell for Valentine's Day.
by David ImelJanuary 29, 2018

House of Marley drops three new products

Durable audio gear with a good cause.
by David ImelJanuary 28, 2018

Fender announces ‘Mustang GT’ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled amplifiers

Fender is now attempting to bridge the gap between traditional guitar playing and digital sound manipulation.
by David ImelJanuary 27, 2018
by David ImelJanuary 26, 2018

Apple’s Homepod will support lossless FLAC files

Apple's halo smartspeaker to offer increased support for hi-res files.
by David ImelJanuary 25, 2018

Sony reveals new high-end wireless headphones and earbuds

Sony has revealed three new wireless audio products at IFA 2017 in Berlin, including a new wireless noise-cancelling headphone and more.
by David ImelJanuary 23, 2018

JLab releases Gravity Bluetooth earbud adaptor

The adapter you've been waiting for?
by David ImelJanuary 21, 20181

Just how bad are dollar store headphones?

Let us save you the trouble.

3 weeks ago

Monoprice BT-600ANC review

Cancel out the world around you, for less.

3 weeks ago

The new Sennheiser IE 800 S in-ears might be worth the $999 price tag

Sennheiser improves on their previous IE 800 in-ears
by David ImelJanuary 19, 20182
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