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A Boston-based writer you can usually find drooling over new gadgets on the internet or re-reading the Harry Potter series.

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Best wireless earbuds

Our best list of the top wireless earbuds on the market.
by Adam Molina3 hours ago96

Best Bluetooth speakers of 2019

Why settle for less when you can get the best?
by Adam Molina3 days ago118

Best wireless headphones of 2019

The future is wireless. The future is now.
by Adam Molina3 days ago18
by Adam Molina1 week ago

Best Beats headphones

Headphones for your Beats
by Adam Molina1 week ago
by Adam Molina1 week ago

Best computer speakers of 2019

If you're looking for a pair of speakers to put on your desk, check out our top picks for the best computer speakers you can get.
by Adam Molina1 week ago1

Best earbuds under $100

You've been searching, and we've got answers. These are the best earbuds under $100 that you can get right now.
by Adam Molina2 weeks ago2

Tidal HiFi review

High-res, high cost.

3 days ago

Best Nintendo Switch gaming headsets 2019

Picking the right headset for the Switch can be a little tricky, here are some of the best options.

3 days ago

Best waterproof speakers

Whether you're going to the beach or the pool, these are the best waterproof speakers on the market.
by Adam Molina2 weeks ago8

Apple Music review

iTunes turned streaming service
by Adam Molina2 weeks ago
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