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With audiophile-grade peripherals and judges dedicated to bring forward the best talents in the vocal space, Audiofly will partner with X-Factor this season on X-Factor Australia.

Six seasons in to the popular series, and with a new panel of judges, the goal is to find the next singing sensation through a myriad of talent seekers. So where does Audiofly come into play? As the supplier of in-ear monitors for the contestants.


Specifically, Audiofly will supply its AF180 in-ear monitors for the contestants. The four drivers delivers the best reference for accurate sound reproduction. This allows the contestants to achieve their best performance possible while experiencing all the subtle elements of their performance. The monitors are designed for authentic sound reproduction, but they come with a rugged build for road worthiness.

Audiofly has been designing in-ear monitors since 2011. With its team of musicians, technicians, and designers, they are keen to push new boundaries with classic designs while seeking the ultimate sound clarity. For a closer look at the company’s AF series, take a look at our review of the AF120.

If you’re interested in picking a pair of AF180s yourself, they are readily available straight from Audiofly.

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