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Audio-Technica announces 3 new pairs of headphones

At NAMM 2015 this past week Audio-Technica announced 3 new pairs of headphones. Pre-order now through Amazon for big savings.

Published onJanuary 26, 2015


With 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon and great online reviews, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones seemed to be the internets favorite pair of over-the-ears in 2014. In his review, Kevin Nether even called these the “king of over the ear headphones”. Hoping to keep the trend alive Audio-Technica announced three new pairs of headphones at NAMM 2015 set to be released this year.


One of the pairs announced is simply a limited edition version of last years fan favorite called the ATH-M50xDG. Similar to the M50xBL where the BL stood for blue, the DG in this years version is short for dark green. Besides the dark green, they also have a brown headband and brown ear cups to complement the gold accents. These will be released on April 25th for $259.00 but can be pre-ordered for $189.00 right now on Amazon. If the other colors were too blasé for you, hopefully these will catch your eye.


The second pair of headphones that were announced were the ATH-M70x professional monitor headphones. These are the newest headphones in the M-series line and have 45 mm drivers that can reproduce frequencies ranging from 5Hz – 40kHz. Similar to the M50x they also come with three detachable cables, a 1.2 m – 3 m coiled cable, a 3 m straight cable, and a 1.2 m straight cable. These will go on sale February 28th for $419.00 but, thanks to Amazon, can be pre-ordered for $299.00 right now as well. That’s $120.00 in your pocket so if you’re pretty sure that you are going to splurge on these in the future might as well buy them now.


The last pair of headphones announced were the ATH-R70x professional open back headphones. This is the co-star to the ATH-M70x for new 2015 flagship models. These are open-back headphones that have an aluminum mesh on the ear cups which allow some internals to be seen. The form of the ATH-R70x’s definitely fit its function as they appear to be perforated from the top of the headband to the bottom of the ear cups. The headband itself has adjustable wing support which allow more comfort to the user over extended periods of time, as well as give them a unique look. In contrast to the ATH-M70x which only needs the cable to be attached to the left ear cup, the ATH-R70x’s have a dual-sided cable which needs to be plugged into both ear cups. On the bright side, the cable is L/R independent so there won’t be any annoying fumbling with the wire if it gets inserted into the wrong input. Scheduled for May 1st, the ATH-R70x are the last of the three to be released. Once again they will be a little on the expensive side coming in at $489.00, but if pre-ordered on Amazon you can get them for $349.00.

With all of the new options to choose from which one interests you the most? Will you be going for the newest in the line-up or are you satisfied with the new color of last years model?

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