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Anker reveals Soundcore Boom 2

Will the Soundcore Boom 2 make waves or just float on by?
January 8, 2024
anker soundcore boom 2 speaker
  • The soundcore Boom 2 is a new portable speaker featuring enhanced bass and a 60W output.
  • It includes a passive radiator with dual LED lights, offers 17 hours of playtime, and has an IPX7 waterproof and floatable design.
  • The speaker also functions as a power bank for charging devices. Pricing and exact launch details are pending, with shipment expected in mid-February.

Anker has revealed the Soundcore Boom 2 speaker at CES 2024, focusing on balancing sound quality and practical features. The Boom 2’s audio output is driven by two tweeters and a subwoofer, aiming for a clearer sound. The included BassUp technology is designed to enhance the depth of bass in music. Accompanying the sound is a set of dual LED lights on the passive radiator.

From a utility standpoint, the Boom 2 offers a purported 17-hour playtime, which is relatively long for portable speakers in its expected price range. Its IPX7 rating indicates a strong emphasis on waterproofing, with the additional claim of being floatable in water. The device also serves as a power bank, allowing users to charge other devices while on the go.

As of now, the specifics regarding the Soundcore Boom 2’s price and availability remain unconfirmed, with an expected shipping date around mid-February. We’ve enjoyed Anker’s recently released speakers, such as the Soundcore Motion X500 and the Soundcore Motion 300, and look forward to putting the Boom 2 to the test in our forthcoming review.