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Logitech's follow up to the Zone Wireless will get a $100 price bump

The Zone Wireless 2 will have a number of features to ensure calls remain crystal clear.

Published onOctober 16, 2023

Logitech Zone Wireless 2
  • Logitech has announced the Zone Wireless 2.
  • The new business-oriented headphones will have AI far-end noise suppression, noise canceling mics, and hybrid ANC.
  • The Zone Wireless 2 will be $100 more expensive than its predecessor.

Logitech announced the original Zone Wireless headset back in 2019. Now, the company is ready to launch its successor, which will have multipoint Bluetooth connectivity and be $100 more expensive than its predecessor.

Today, Logitech announced the Zone Wireless 2, its top-of-the-line headphones designed for business. The latest iteration in the series will introduce several features meant to help keep call clarity crystal clear.

One of the features that will come with the headset is AI far-end noise suppression. According to the company, this feature uses an AI-based algorithm to detect and suppress noise from the far end of a call. This feature is called Logi Tune and is said to separate the caller’s voice from their background. The algorithm has reportedly been trained on 20,000 sounds to ensure the best noise suppression.

It also houses four noise canceling microphones with beamforming and AI-based voice detection. This should help block out noises in the background, like the clacking of your keyboard. There is also four-mode hybrid active noise canceling (ANC), something not usually included in headsets of this class.

True to its business-centric nature, these headphones have received Microsoft Teams Open Office certification. With an advertised 15 hours worth of talk time with ANC enabled you’ll have plenty of time to talk with coworkers, customers, or partners over Teams. Battery life can jump up all the way up to an advertised 40 hours, depending on if you’re mostly talking or listening.

Regarding connectivity, this headset supports multipoint Bluetooth, meaning you can stay connected to two devices at a time. When you run low on battery, however, it can be used with a wired connection over USB-C for charging.

As for more personal functions, you’ll have a personal equalizer to optimize music and sound. That personal EQ will also have an evaluation test to help tailor the audio to your liking. Both the battery and the ear pads are also replaceable, which should help with longevity.

The Zone Wireless 2 will go on sale in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. In North America and the UK, these cans will cost you $299, which is $100 more than the original. They are set to ship sometime within the month of October and are available on Logitech’s website.

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