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Xiaomi offers new Color Options for Xiaomi Piston Headphones

When Xiaomi comes to mind, smartphones are usually synonymous with this Chinese OEM. With the popularity of their accessories, new color options arise.

Published onJune 29, 2015

When Xiaomi comes to mind, smartphones are usually synonymous with this Chinese OEM. However, in the distant past, with their smartphones came their broad range of accessories. The Piston headphones were around for some time, but with the increase in popularity, Xiaomi decided to launch new color options while retaining the extremely affordable price tag of 49 Yuan, or around $15. The new color options include lilac, cherry pink, and glacier blue (Shown below). The new color options opt to bring in more individuality with your device.


Besides these being extremely affordable, what’s interesting is the actual cables are reinforced with Kevlar fibers. Kevlar is an extremely useful fiber and to see it utilized to prolong the lifetime of an otherwise ordinary pair of earbuds is definable a plus. 


Of course, these are just earbuds for the tight budget, so you shouldn’t expect too much, but there are features worth mentioning. There is an in-line mic that’s compatible with many smartphones, along with some play/pause and volume control capabilities. Additionally, the cables themselves have a flat style, which is still a rarity in 2015. Sure, there’s like no comparative advantage to have flat cables, but it may be more ascetically pleasing to some. Headphones in general haven’t changed their technology much in the last few years, but we get a little bit of variation with a “sandwich diaphragm” metal composite technology and some damping. 


For $15 on their website, you shouldn’t expect too much, but Xiaomi gives us much to hope for as their budget headphones gives users longer lasting earbuds with some bells and whistles while still being dirt cheap. 

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