As loud as external Bluetooth speakers can get, Xiaomi unveiled the Mi Bluetooth Speaker yesterday in China. There are a limitless number of different styles of speakers the user can choose from, but the Mi Bluetooth Speaker sports a rather unique design with a small aluminum body with a standard rectangular form factor, but also sports a micro SD card slot for compatibility to the nth degree.


As far as specs go, the Mi Bluetooth Speaker sports a main driver capable of 90dB sound. Accompanying the main driver is an integrated microphone and there’s a 1500mAh battery for about 8 hours of media playback. The main highlight here is the integrated microSD card for playback directly on the speaker. Additionally, there’s a 3.5mm auxiliary jack just in case your devices don’t support Bluetooth and you don’t have a spare microSD card to pop in.


The whole enclosure is about the size of the average pencil case. For such a small form factor, 90dB is quite the benchmark. The 8 hour playback is pretty typical battery life.

The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker will be available soon on Xiaomi’s website for RMB 199, which is about $31 US Dollars. This is a very high bang to buck ratio, considering that 90dB audio, microSD card support, and aluminum build quality is bundled together in a tiny package for a little more than $30.


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