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Vero Indiegogo campaign takes aim at your audio cable

With plenty of time to spare, the Vero Indiegogo campaign has already met their goal of $10,000 and hopes to wage war against standard audio cables.
April 1, 2015

A new Indiegogo campaign by Music Interface Technologies (MIT) plans to revolutionize your audio cable to provide a better listening experience. Their new product Vero is a cable that promises to deliver high quality sound from your source device to your ears. They also have two dongles, a full range dongle and a bass dongle, in case your headphone don’t have a removable cable.

The Vero promises to bump sound quality by way of MIT’s patented MultiPole technology. In all audio cables, there is a precise point in the frequency range where the audio signal sounds best. This is the articulation pole and varies from cable to cable, hence why some headphones sound different than others. The MultiPole technology means that the Vero cable has numerous points where the audio signal is optimized. Rather than only being able to optimally carry signal at three points (bass, mid-range, and treble), the articulation poles all work together to better fill the gaps in the music.


The problem with making a brand new audio cable is that not all headphones use the same one. Therefore if you back the project you’ll be contacted shortly after to “customize your preference”, which basically means that you tell them which headphones you have so they can ship you the corresponding cable.

If your headphones of choice don’t have a removable cable then MIT also offers the Vero standard dongle and the Vero bass dongle. The dongles act as adapters between your headphones and device and help to optimize the quality of the entire frequency range or just the low ends, depending on which one you use. The best part is that they are not brand specific, so any pair of headphones will do. Though I wouldn’t expect to hear a noticeable jump in quality with $5 in-ears from the corner store.

As of this post the campaign has raised three times their goal of $10,000 and still has 37 days left. The Vero full range audio cable will retail at $500, while the standard dongle will retail at $299 and the bass dongle at $350. If you’re interested in snagging some new equipment for yourself check out the early bird specials on the campaign page which can save you upwards of 50%.