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VAVA announces the Voom 20 Bluetooth speaker

For $79, the Voom 20 shows promise.

Published onAugust 3, 2016

VAVA Voom 20news

There are literally thousands of Bluetooth speakers that you can choose from, so why not add one more? An audio company by the name of VAVA just announced their newest speaker dubbed the Voom 20. The speaker has a cylindrical shape that puts it somewhere between the UE Boom and the Anker SoundCore Sport XL. That said, it’s way closer in price to the latter which is always good.

The speaker was designed with minimalism in mind but that didn’t stop VAVA from making it durable. The rubberized plastic housing makes it IPX5 splash-proof. Good news if you tend to spill drinks in places you shouldn’t. Inside the Voom 20 are dual 8W drivers with matching subwoofers. There’s also a dynamic bass equalizer which VAVA claims will “deliver richer sounds and squeezes every bit of thump out of your music”.  If you’re looking for a speaker with a slightly fuller low end the Voom 20 might be for you.

10 hours should be more than enough to last the average party.

Besides it’s sound, the speaker also has a 5200 mAH which should provide about 10 hours of constant playback. It isn’t the greatest battery life if we’re being honest about it, but it should be enough for most uses. One downside  to take note of is that charging time is about 6 hours. As long as you keep it charged after using it you should be fine.

On the back is a small flap that when pulled back reveals a 3.5mm input, micro USB input, and a USB output for charging your devices. On the front of the speaker is where you’ll find all of the important buttons. There’s a power button at the bottom and a play/pause, volume up, and volume down button at the top of the speaker. The Voom 20 has Bluetooth 4.0 so you can easily connect to it with any device, but if you have a compatible it also has NFC compatibility. Simply tap your device to the NFC logo and instantly connect.

You can pick up a Voom 20 for yourself now for $79, but since it just came out VAVA is giving everyone 25% off if you head to their website before August 8th making the speaker only $59.

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