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Beats announces the urBeats and Solo2 wireless in rose gold

The rose gold urBeats and Solo2 wireless from Beats by Dre are now available.

Published onNovember 19, 2015


Just when you thought the rose gold love affair was a thing of the past, it comes back with a vengeance. The rose gold color of the new iPhone 6s has been such a success that it’s beginning to bleed over into other areas of tech, primarily into Beats products which is also owned by Apple. The Solo2 wireless and the urBeats are the newest products that are going to receive the rose gold makeover, so if you know anyone with the corresponding iPhone this isn’t a bad idea for a holiday present.

The urBeats in-ears are the base model for the Beats branded headphones. The metal enclosures that hold the drivers, 3.5mm audio jack, and in-line mic will all be painted in rose gold while the accents adorning the ear tips, cable, and the “b” of the Beats logo will be white. They also come with a storage pouch and four extra pairs of ear tips for a better fit. If you’re interested they are available now from the Beats website for $99.

The other pair of headphones getting the special treatment are the Solo2 wireless. These are the standard on-ears that you’re more than likely already  familiar with. The outside of the headband and ear cups are covered in the gold while the insides are plain white to match the beats logo on the ear cups. Having standard Bluetooth radios they have a range of about 30 feet and the built-in battery will get you around 12 hours of constant playback which isn’t bad at all. If you want to match your headphones to your phone (or just like the color) you can get the Solo2 headphones for $299.

Say what you will about their products, Beats knows how to capitalize on a moment. Part of this obviously comes from Apple being their parent company, but even if they weren’t it’s a safe bet to say that Beats will more than likely sell tons of these. It wouldn’t be surprising to see them extend this color option to some, if not all of their other products in the future.