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The UR42i are the newest over-ears from Koss

New headphones, same low price.

Published onOctober 26, 2016


Koss is a legendary audio manufacturer to many. The PortaPros are arguably the best bang for your buck headphones ever made. In other words: they’re classics. Still, they have a retro design that might not be for everyone. The new UR42i headphones are over-ear cans that have a bit more of a modern design. That and a few nifty features make these a very intriguing pair of budget headphones.

To start, the Koss UR42i headphones have D shaped ear cups. This is something Koss has implemented on a few of their other products in the past. Koss claims that the D-shape is supposed to resemble the shape of your ear. Thus providing a better seal when you’re listening to music. Since the UR42i are close-back headphones soundstage will most likely be lacking somewhat. But on the bright side these are sure to have solid noise isolation.

The removable audio cable can be plugged into the bottom of either ear cup. Doing this automatically turns the other headphone jack into an audio output thanks to a built-in audio splitter.  This allows you to daisy chain headphones and share audio with a friend which could be useful if you’re traveling want to watch the same movie on the plane. The included audio cable has a universal one-button mic and remote so you’ll be able to at least pause and play music as well as answer and end phone calls. On top of that you can fold down the UR42is for a more compact footprint, perfect for stowing them away in a bag once you’re done with them.

  • 4 foot audio cable
  • 20Hz – 20kHz frequency range
  • 35 Ohms
  • 100 dB SPL
  • Universal 1-button mic & remote

Of course, if you decide to pick up a pair for yourself you’ll get the Koss lifetime warranty if something ever goes wrong with them. They’re available now in both white and black color options for only $50 on Koss’ website.

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