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The Symphonica speaker on Kickstarter requires no electricity

A wooden speaker for your phone

Published onApril 18, 2017

The built-in speakers on your phone aren’t all that powerful, which is why Bluetooth speakers are so useful if you want to get a little more out of your music. But you don’t always need a Bluetooth speaker. A new Kickstarter by Symphonica aims to not only amplify the music coming out of your smartphone, but also make it sound better.

It’s a horn made entirely of wood that was designed by acoustic engineer Freddie Kwoh who unfortunately passed away last year, but his friends have kept his product alive with a new campaign. You can stand your smartphone on it and let the natural wood do all the work without drawing any power or needing to turn the speaker. If you’re not a fan of charging anything other than your phone, this might be for you since it requires no power. That said, you can plug in your smartphone to charge it up while it plays so you won’t be left with a dead phone afterwards.

Because it requires no electricity, you won’t find any playback controls here unless you reach for your phone. Luckily for an extra $25, Symphonica also makes a wooden Bluetooth controller that you can pair with your phone to skip between tracks and control volume. Not to mention that a wooden controller just looks cool.

You can back the project for as low as $75 at the time of this posting, with delivery expected June of 2017. There are also a few other wooden accessories you can choose from if you pick the right package, including the Bluetooth remote we mentioned earlier and wooden cases for your smartphone.