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The new Bravo headphones by Sharkk might be great

Electrostatic technology for the average listener.

Published onJuly 29, 2016


Sharkk is probably best known for making bang for your buck Bluetooth speakers. But now they have decided to expand their product line with the new Bravo Headphones. In order to reach their goal they’re turning to Indiegogo and so far, it’s been a huge success. At the time of this post the campaign is 132% funded and there are still 21 days left.

So what makes the Bravo headphones so special? They’re a hybrid electrostatic pair of over-ears. Meaning they use a thin electrostatic film to produce sound instead of the magnets that most other consumer headphones have. Electrostatic film isn’t a brand new technology, but it isn’t cheap either. Most headphones that use them are many times more expensive than the Bravos and require powerful amps to use. The Bravos aren’t going to match those headphones in terms of sound quality, but those headphones also don’t cost $199.

It makes the Bravos commuter friendly.

A good amount of electrostatic headphones are open back, meaning that they allow sound to both enter and leave the ear cups. This is good if you’re in a relatively quiet area, since the open back design gives you a better soundstage. However, Sharkk decided to make the Bravos closed back. Doing this means that they can add noise isolation to their list of features which include a frequency range of 6 – 45,000 Hz and a weight of only 10.5 ounces. It also makes the Bravos commuter friendly since there won’t be too much sound leakage.

Bravo also makes the eyebrow raising claim that their headphones have “10x Better Sound Quality”. What headphones they were comparing them too and how they measured that is of course questionable, but the hardware does seem impressive so chances are they do have above average sound quality. If you look past the celebrity endorsements and occasional hyperbole, these might actually be a solid pair of cans.

Bravo expects to begin shipping to backers in October so if these sound like a pair of headphones you don’t want to miss out on, make sure to pick up a pair for yourself. There are still early bird perks that get you the headphones for $199 and if you miss out on those the next perk is still relatively affordable at $249.

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